The House of Habsburg today: Modern Royals

The descendants of the imperial dynasty still carry the noble name Habsburg but prove themselves with new and exciting passions – whether in motor sports or in fashion.
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Enjoy the backstage of our royal shooting.

You can find more photos and interview in our print issue! 

Modern Royals by Alice Berg


Photos: Alice Berg

Creative idea: Anna Vergelskaya

Styling: Christoph Steiner

Models: Eleonore Habsburg-Lothringen, Gloria Habsburg-Lothringen, Ferdinand Zvonimir Habsburg-Lothringen

Production: Sophia Sribna 

Hair & Make-up: Britta Tess

Set Design: Maria Tyushkevich

Photo Assistant:  Bogdan Zhvalevskyi

Videographer:  Xenia Trampusch

Location: F6 Studio 

Fashion Supervision: Ana Varava

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Gloria Habsburg, Eleonore Habsburg/ Ferdinand Habsburg

Who inspires you when choosing your fashion trends and style?

My grandmother Fiona Thyssen. She was the most elegant person I have ever met.

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