Fendi returns to Mykonos with Pop Up 2022

The Italian fashion house Fendi will open its doors again in 2022 on the Greek party island of Mykonos.

Inspired by the Mykonian culture, the store is 90 m² and blends harmoniously into the landscape. The two-storey boutique in traditional Cycladic style celebrates the Fendi universe with women's and men's clothing. Thanks to the numerous windows, the interior and exterior are connected, so the rooms are flooded with sunlight.

It is too bad that this is not a restaurant, the store is chic and elegant. Colours, shapes, surfaces and furniture that are so typical of the island have been integrated. The walls, characterised by rounded lines and arches of light pozzolanica and natural stone, as well as the white beams and bamboo panelling decorate the boutique. 

And that is by no means all. Because, as is now customary in such limited-time pop-up stores, there is also something special here: an exclusive Fendi Peekaboo ISeeU Medium bag in white crocodile leather with palladium hardware, available in Europe only in Mykonos.

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