Fendi and Porter together

Porter, renowned for its functional and user-friendly bags, interprets Fendi's iconic bags.

The dominance of the Japanese fashion world is increasing with each passing day. Porter, who has made a name for itself with the use of alternative materials and useful bags at the forefront, is cooperating with Fendi, one of the important names of high fashion. Porter interprets Peekaboo and Baguette bags in the Fendi 2019-20 Fall-Winter collection and fashion show in their own language. The new models come in silver and gold with Fendi's double F logo and Porter's board logo with nylon-based materials.

Baguette bags are available in blue, red, silver and black, while Peekaboo is available in silver and black. Two models that we had the chance to see the fashion show, the brown Peekaboo and the baguette baguette olive green will not be announced yet. These two models, the most important example of Day Every Day ”bag, seem to push your wish list.


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