Fashion Editorial: The Magical Couture of Simon Barth

Unique couture handcrafted in his atelier - Simon Barth has written himself into Austrian fashion history with his talent in recent years and is now enchanting us with his new collection as well.
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Enchanted Garden - the new collection by Viennese designer Simon Barth is a juxtaposition of the most sumptuous couture pieces, intricately crafted by hand. Filigree embroidery and intricate fabric work are the specialty of the designer's creations. Sublime over the fast pace of our society and thus also of fashion, Simon Barth wants to unite the past and the future and turn the wearers into sirens, goddesses, and seductresses. "Nothing is heavy, everything has space and comes in sublime elegance," is how Barth describes his Enchanted Garten collection, which has enchanted us. 

To express his inspirations, the designer himself took up pen and paper - you can find the quotes in this editorial, which was captured by photographer Miriam Weydringer.

1641383789248901 couture designer austria
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1641383809887039 simon barth couture
"Sumptuous and dangerous at the same time, a Stepford-like utopia, a legend carried by fairy dust following the song of the sirens."
1641383819207979 austrian couture simon barth
1641383829149671 couture designer austria simon barth
"The doors open in the wide, secret garden You step out, leave everything behind and you are in the middle of this electrifying dream of a dream."
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1641383843418067 oesterreichische couture
1641383849399499 simon barth couture 220
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"Music floats in the air, champagne bubbles, too much of everything and still far too little - a decadent play of feather-light opulence, impetuous, elegant, mysterious."
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1641383879323195 wedding couture austria
"Everything can happen on this one, this single day, and the night is still waiting. A Midsummer Night's Dream, a scene out of Barry Lyndon."
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1641383903601459 simon barth oesterreich couture designer
1641383919988467 simon barth couture 2
1641383924089172 simon barth couture mode oesterreich designer

Team Credits

Designer: Simon Barth Couture by Simon Barth
Photographer: Miriam Weydringer
Models: Laura Rabensteiner (flair Modelmanagement), Valentina Rigger (Stella Models) 
Hair & Make-Up: Vivien Noir Make-Up
Location: Anna Altenburg



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