Factory Madness

The idea of the editorial was to mix young Ukrainian designers (such as Frolov, Magdych, Six brand, Bevza, Litkovskaya) with established French brand Saint Laurent.

The shooting took place at a former Soviet Union factory which is now converted into an art and event space
(Art Zavod Platforma)
The team that worked on this editorial is a photographer from France – Natasha Kot and the rest of the team is from Ukraine.
The idea of the editorial is to show the fashion world how the fashion industry is developing in Ukraine and that young designers can be combined with established luxury brands. 

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1561473098549636 editorial kiev 042019 dsc9547 v2 hd1561473098526525 editorial kiev 042019 dsc9353 v1 hd
Bodysuit: Saint Laurent; Shoes: Saint Laurent; Tights: Wolford; Accessories: Litkovskaya, So Jewelery
1561473133785709 editorial kiev 042019 dsc0349 v1 hd1561473133804217 editorial kiev 042019 dsc0341 v1 hd
1561473261991849 editorial kiev 042019 dsc0316 v1 hd
Body: Six Brand; Pants: Litkovskaya; Jacket: Saint Laurent; Accessories: Bevza


model:  Sasha Volkova @shuvolkova

mua/hair:  Viktoriya Shostak @viktoriya_shostak

style: Inna Grytsyk @inna_grytsyk

photographer:  Natasha Kot @natashakot

location:  @artzavodplatforma

1561473322745700 editorial kiev 042019 dsc9854 v1 hd1561473322888812 editorial kiev 042019 dsc9880 v1 hd
1561473322889254 editorial kiev 042019 dsc9842 v1 hd
Body: Six Brand; Shoes: Saint Laurent

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