ETRO: We are all one

This is the basic idea of the Italian luxury label. The autumn/winter 2020/21 campaign also picks up on this aspect of harmony with nature and portrays personalities together with animals as a hymn to the love of nature.
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Eva Herzigova stars Etro campaign autumn-winter 2020.

“Today, more than ever, we are aware of how much the Earth is a unique and precious Mother for us all, to be preserved and protected. In the past months, we observed, from our homes, the rebirth of nature and the free expression of many animals. With this campaign, we wanted to reproduce in images a harmonious balance with the animal kingdom, remembering that as human beings we are part of it as well.” Kean and Veronica Etro.

The label's new campaign is a hymn to harmony and love of nature. Based on the principle that we are not alone, but, together with nature and animals, companions on the same planet.

ETRO thus portrays an act of union and sharing in which animals and humans are co-protagonists.

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Gimmo Etro stars Etro campaign autumn-winter 2020.

Photographed against a white background, the founder of the house Gimmo Etro, Mariacarla Boscono, Fernando Cabral, Maty Fall Diba, Eva Herzigova, David Kammenos, Felice Nova Noordhoff, Parker Van Noord and young Olivia pose with animals.

Also portrayed were Mario, the swan, Anita, the snail, Rino, the toad and 25 other animal colleagues,

Stylist Sissy Vian highlights embroidered tops, statement bags and printed scarves. For beauty, Luciano Chiarello worked on make-up, hair styling by Pierpaolo Lai.


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Animals star Etro campaign autumn-winter 2020.

The vision of a concrete and lasting commitment is also reflected in the choice of pieces and accessories from the brand's archives. Because ETRO quality never wears out, never goes out of fashion: just like authentic beauty, it stands the test of time to be handed down.

The campaign was photographed by Dario Catellani.

Pictures: PR

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