Editorial: "Nike" by Yolanda Ng

Summer days gone by, the breeze in a heat wave - all this comes to mind when looking at photographer Yolanda Ng's new editorial, which she dedicates to the Olympic idea of a modern Nike. This is embodied for her by model Cheria. Strength, femininity, elegance and the will to win - a modern woman who stands by herself.
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WIBA Awards 2023: Maye Musk, Richard Orlinski, and Sophie Ellis-Bextor Attend

During the illustrious Cannes Film Festival, the WIBA Awards, a distinguished organization honoring influencers and talents in the realm of social media, held its fifth annual ceremony. The event recognized the most influential personalities in the digital landscape. Adding a touch of artistic flair to the occasion, Richard Orlinski, a world-renowned French sculptor and visual neo-pop artist, exclusively designed the trophy for the special anniversary edition of the WIBA Awards. Orlinski, recognized as the best-selling French contemporary artist globally since 2015, brought his exceptional artistic vision to create a truly unique and awe-inspiring trophy for the esteemed occasion.