Editorial: Summer Romance

Flowing fabrics, transparency and delicate shades of colour, accompanied by a hint of melancholy: a fresh breeze of fashion from its most delicate side. A declaration of love for innocence and the most beautiful season of the year.
Coat - Max Mara/ Dress - Lush Style/ Earrings - Iconique
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Left Image: Summerdress - Area/ Earrings - Urblack/ Right Image: Dress - Fernando Roderiguez
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Left Image: Dress - Lush Style/ Right Image: Skirt - Jesus De La Garsa


Photo: Carlos Ruizc

Style: Gerard Angulo

Model: Alina Baikova, Next Model Management

On-site coordination: Jessica Garibaldi, LMC CORP

Production: Step On Fashion 

Make-up: Susanne Coz with products from Bobbi Brown

Hair: Jessica Sandoval

Location: Playa Roja Paracas

Special thanks to Promperú


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