Editorial: Suite 226

This production created by Judith Moreno and Manuel Sanchdell is characterized by the strength of a woman who is at rest with herself. She embodies the luxury of doing whatever she wants, whenever she wants.
Jumpsuit: Monpatron. Boots: Zara
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Leather Jacket and Skirt: Yvan Andreu. Boots: Exe
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Jumpsuit : Monpatron
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Body and Skirt: Matsu. Leather by Biker Kamana
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1609965424143084 judithm iveta10261
Tulle Ruffle Top: Yolancris. Pants: Matsu. Boots: Zara
1609965466150401 judithm iveta10628
Dress: Candelas Y Felipa. Shoes: De Flores Y Floreros
1609965481618373 judithm iveta10872
Dress: Yolancris. Earrings: Myriam Moreno


Photography: Judith Moreno @Judith.Moreno;

Model: Iveta Sivakova @Iviksivakova

Agency: Uno Models @Unomodels;

Styling: Silvia Hidalgo @Silviahidalgo_Mrshat

Art: Manuel Sanchdell @Manuelsanchdell

Muah: Elisa V Jimenez @Elisa_Vjt

Retouch Studio: Sam Retouch @Retouch.Sandeandmoore

Location: Axel Madrid

Stylist Assistant: Candela Sky @Caramelo__Sky

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