Editorial: New York

The looks worn by Alla Kostromichova in this beautiful photo series are as diverse as the city itself.
Silk Dress: W8less; Earrings: Chefanie; Coat: LALO
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Image1: Mint Coat: LALO; Image2: Hat: Ruslan Baginskiy; Knit Cardigan: LALO; Image3: Black Skirt and Hoodie: Bobkova; Cardigan: W8less

Even though New York is currently in a Sleeping Beauty Sleep, it never stops inspiring.

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Image1: Yellow Coat: Blikvanger; Image2: Bag: Gucci; Skirt and Top: Afrodhth; Image3: Knit Cardigan: LALO


Photographer: Alex Dani

Model: Alla Kostromichova



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