Editorial: Couture

Couture - the most fashionable made-to-measure clothes, the magic created by the best designers, the imagination concretized in unique pieces of clothing. Couture tastes like pure elegance, antique luxury hotels in the metropolis, red lipstick and strong looking eyes. Couture remains because the meaning of fashion can’t exist without it.
Dress: Chanel
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Dress: Guess
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Dress: Dior
1617645047517435  dsc1952
Dress: Chanel
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Dress left: Prada. Dress right: Valentino
1617645081547140  dsc2018
Dress: Anthony Sanchez. Belt: Salvatore Ferragamo
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Dress: Prada
1617645176937189  dsc1924
Dress: Valentino
1617645186468854  dsc20431617645186588014  dsc2052
Dress: Prada. Ring: Bvulgari. Footwear: Michael Kira.


Photographer: Nando Alavedra

Model: Emma Fuhrmann 

Stylist: Anthony Sanchez 

Makeup Artist: Vasilisia

Model Agency: Seeds Models






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