Devon Carlson x Marc Jacobs: How Marc Jacobs Wins Over a Young Audience

Inspired by the 2000s and her dog Martin, Devon Lee Carlson brings a breath of fresh air to the Marc Jacobs range.
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Devon Lee Carlson was born on 03.08.1994 in the United States, where she still lives. Together with her sister Sydney Lynn Carlson and her mother Michelle Carlson, they founded the brand Wildflower Cases in 2012, which offers limited-edition mobile phone cases. Through sensational collaborations, Wildflower Cases has gained more and more attention until it now experienced a high point, especially in 2020 and 2021, when the phone cases were suddenly seen on almost every Instagram selfie. In the meantime, however, Devon Lee Carlson is not only known as an entrepreneur, but as a "social media sensation". Whether it's dance videos, model photos, advertising photos or fashion inspirations - over the years she has developed her own style and let me tell you one thing: It is unmistakable.

This is what the Marc Jacobs team found as well when they considered a collaboration with Devon Lee Carlson more than a year ago. This year, in honour of Devon Lee Carlson's birthday, the collection was released on 3 August and sold well within the first few hours, with some pieces already sold out. The entire collection includes eight pieces, with two small handbags among them. Just looking like they jumped out of a Y2K fashion advert.

With the exception of one dress, the pieces have a predominantly sporty feel. Colourful prints give the sports suits and T-shirts a 2000s touch, and Devon Lee Carlson's dog Martin can be seen on some pieces, as well as in the campaign shoot. The only dress in the collection, it couldn't be more current, is reminiscent of a sleep dress. The neckline and hem are finished with light blue lace, making this dress a unique, super feminine eye-catcher. It's a dress that can be worn all day long - both for lunch and dinner

The bag, which is available in black and pink, is a shoulder bag that stands out mainly because of its handle. It has colourful pendants that spell out the name Marc Jacobs. The special thing about it is that you can take off the handle and wear it as a necklace. An elegant two-in-one innovation that we have been waiting for.

The Marc Jacobs team expressed in a press release that they are amazed by Devon's style and creativity and appreciate her for her youthfulness. With this capsule collection, they want to appeal to her young audience, among others, and make Marc Jacobs attractive to them.

Devon Lee Carlson, on the other hand, is swimming in gratitude. "This collaboration has been a great honour and a dream that I am just waiting to wake up from!"

All pieces have been designed with the idea that they can be worn with any occasion. For example, you can pair them with flats as well as high heels. The prices of this collection range from €90 to €250. The entire collection is available on the official Marc Jacobs website.



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