Dana Meijerhof: Design and sustainability go hand in hand!

The fashion industry is the second largest polluter. Designer Dana Meijerhof shows how design and sustainability can be combined.
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Photo: Darya Kucher 

Dressed in "All Meijerhof Everything", shop owner Dana Meijerhof beamingly opens the door of her shop. The outfit, from head to toe, is of course in the absolute trend colour: sage green. The pink-coloured walls of the shop, the scattered, highly aesthetic clothing racks and Dana Meijerhof herself scream only one thing: femininity. This is also how she describes her designs - classy and feminine. Instead of fashion experiments, the mother-daughter company is focused on producing wearable, aesthetic pieces that are one thing above all: sustainable

Photo: Meijerhof 

L'Officiel: "How important do you think sustainability is in the fashion industry?"

Dana Meijerhof: "IMPORTANT! Greenwashing must come to an end. Companies should stop using sustainability as a marketing tool. The issue is much bigger than it seems to many. It is important to inform your customers properly about fabrics, production and certificates. Just because a T-shirt is made of cotton does not mean that the fabric is sustainable. We, as designers, have to create transparency. Sustainability is incredibly important - but only if the right information is passed on."


L'Officiel: "What are challenges with such a sustainable work ethic?" 

Dana Meijerhof: "Definitely the prices. These have to be fair, both for me and for the consumer. You have to find a way that works for both parties."


L'Officiel: "What can each individual contribute to a good future?" 

Dana Meijerhof: "Slowly, better choices. You can't change your lifestyle overnight, but you can work on it over a period of time. Consumers have to think about how best to take their first step towards sustainable consumption. But companies can also be supportive, for example by producing less.


L'Officiel: "What is your vision for the next 5 years, how should the industry change?"

Dana Meijerhof: "I think it is essential that there is less production in general. It can't be true that just when summer starts, the entire summer collections are already on sale. This change would be an important step for the entire fashion industry. My personal goal is to make my customers even more aware. My focus will be on capsule collections. On pieces that are absolutely timeless, that you can wear year after year."

L'Officiel: "What is your absolute must-have in a sustainable wardrobe?" 

Dana Meijerhof: "Definitely: an oversized black blazer. You can combine it with absolutely anything and it will always look amazing." 

Photo: Meijerhof 

L'Officiel: "What other sustainable businesses do you admire in Vienna?"

Dana Meijerhof: "PV Vienna, they focus more on classic fashion and produce directly in their shop. & friends, an absolutely great gift and decoration store. Valle ō Valle make incredibly beautiful kimonos. For stunning lingerie pieces: Eden Garment and of course dariadéh - they themselves and their brand are incredibly inspiring."



Dana Meijerhof's unique designs are available at Gumpendorferstr. 76/VI in 1060 Vienna. 

Above all, the designs are meant to celebrate the female body, no matter what shape or size. This is precisely why Dana Meijerhof deliberately focuses on wrap designs, as they are particularly timeless because they can be adapted to any body type. 

"Women need to be proud of their bodies, regardless of their measurements." - Dana Meijerhof

The Viennese, but raised in Eastern Europe, has dreamed of becoming a fashion designer since she was a child. After the tragic death of her father, whose last wish was for Dana Meijerhof to pursue her heart's desire, she founded the label "Meijerhof" in 2018. Since then, she has been producing limited edition, ethically handmade fashion in her studio in Romania, where her mother and a seamstress are responsible for the quality workmanship and longevity of the clothes. 

Dana Meijerhof's unique designs are available at Gumpendorferstr. 76/VI in 1060 Vienna. 

Photo: Darya Kucher 





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