Chanel Collection Métiers d'art 2018/19

Inspired by the spirit of space and the fashion knowledge of Chanel's Maison d'art, the designer presented a modern, subtle and modern interpretation, making Egypt a timeless palimpsest.
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Karl Lagerfeld chose the Temple of Dendur at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York to present the Chanel Métiers d'art 2018/19 Paris - New York collection.

The complicity Lagerfeld and Chanel Métiers d'art takes form as a perpetual creative dialogue, which illustrates the sumptuous elegance of the silhouettes and accessories of the collection.

The House of Lemarié represents a graphic reinterpretation of Egyptian paintings, with a delicate inlay of feathers that combines a deep red, black and blue lapis lazuli, applied in a plastron necklace of tiny flowers in denim and golden leather, cut with a rough border and highlighted with accounts.

"The Egyptian civilization has always fascinated me: I am inspired by an idea that I make reality", explains the designer.


The lines are clear and simple, the forms are pure, geometric and distinct: a graphic force so appreciated by the stylistic grammar of the house. The silhouettes vibrate under the sun, with optical lines that are almost kinetic.

"New York, it is an energy and a melting pot of cultures, it is very stimulating," says Lagerferld, multiplying the tributes to the streets of New York: a denim aviator jacket with patches sewn in golden thread is combined with a printed urban art leather dress; A pair of red or orange leather pants, which look slightly painted with a spray, are worn with a pop cashmere XL sweater and a canvas purchaser labeled with spray paint. The thigh boots made by the House of Massaro are painted with gold or neon pink graffiti , and their heels with gold jewelry highlighted with enamel and enhanced with cabochons.

From street art to art deco and antiquity, jewelry multiplies and mixes references, just as Gabrielle Chanel did in her time: golden camellias, gold and twisted leather bracelets, hammered medallion necklaces and lettering with letters of Chanel, flat chains with rhinestones that combine the colors of the urban frescoes with the graphic lines of the skyscrapers ... As a benevolent sign, a piece of Chanel Art Deco jewelry, dating from the 1920s.

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