About pearls and feathers: Kevin Germanier's first runway collection is available in May

Kevin Germanier celebrated his very first fashion show in Paris. His enchanting Autumn/Winter 2022 collection consists of bright colours and vivid shapes. The wait is over, as the eccentric designs made of pearls, sequins and feathers will soon be available for purchase.
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Photo: Kevin Germanier

Fashion Designer Kevin Germanier was born in Switzerland in 1992. He graduated from the Art University Central Saint Martins in London in 2016. Already during his studies, due to limited financial means, he focused on reusable materials. Anything he could get his hands on, including fabric scraps, rhinestones, beads or feathers, he incorporated into his clothing. Even old military blankets that he received from his father. His talent in upcycling was quickly recognised and Germanier received study grants and an internship at Louis Vuitton.

In 2018, the designer founded his eponymous fashion brand Germanier. The luxury brand focuses on sustainable and recycled fashion. Germanier proves every time again that environmentally conscious fashion doesn't have to look boring and neutral, but can be sexy and colourful. The most memorable are probably the bead designs that Germanier makes from discarded beads. Not only the beads, but also all the other materials Germanier uses are upcycled. For his fashion he mainly uses stock that has not been sold or old plastic. Germanier has a knack for turning rubbish into something glamorous.

The Paris-based designer has already made a name for himself. In his style, which is inspired by the manga character Sailor Moon, he has already created clothes for celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Björk, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Swift. In the process, Germanier cooperated with the renowned luxury brands Swarovski and Christian Louboutin. Kevin Germanier has also won important awards. Back in 2015, he won the EcoChic Design Award for sustainable fashion in Hong Kong. In 2019, he was a semi-finalist for the prestigious LVMH Prize and in 2020 he made it into the Forbes "30 under 30" in the category "Europe - Art & Culture". The now 30-year-old designer has been part of the official presentation schedule of Paris Fashion Week since 2020.

His first runway show took place on 7 March 2022 at the Maison Baccarat in Paris. Germanier's eccentric and glamorous clothes really stood out in the classically sumptuous villa, which is normally a museum and restaurant. For his Autumn/Winter 2022 collection, he wanted to bring his designs to life. To achieve this, he took extraterrestrial creatures as his inspiration. This is particularly evident in the headwear adorned with pearls. They are reminiscent of aliens, but the bright colours and beads also give them a flowery style.

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For some time now, the designer has been working with Swarovski to add rhinestones and pearls to his stunning clothes. For the current runway collection, Germanier also collaborated with the shoe brand UGG. The UGG boots have recently received a lot of hype on social media platforms and have been retrieved from the back of the wardrobe by many and snatched up in new variations. Germanier's collaboration with UGG gives the boots a never-before-seen uniqueness of kitsch and ingenuity that clearly bears Germanier's signature. For an alien-like look, UGG's shoes have also been covered in large beads and feathers.

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Germanier already describes his current collection on Instagram with the hashtag "Beadsmaster" very accurate. The large and colourful beads and sequins are not always perfectly round. One is more angular, the other oval, large and small. Not only pearls but also feathers are enchanting in the new collection. Whether on shoes or as large shoulder accessoires. The large, colourful feathers are incorporated into some looks. The designer does not allow himself to be restricted in shapes when it comes to his designs. This also applies to the choice of colours in the Autumn/Winter collection. Green, pink and blue are the first colours that catch your eye. From neon, bright but also in combination with pastel colours, Germanier leaves out almost no possibilities of colour composition.

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Sprinkled with glitter, Germanier's first runway collection is more than successful and leaves no reason for disappointment. His previous designs already ushered in his flamboyant, refreshing style and now give us all even more anticipation for the launch of the latest Runway collection. According to Germanier's official website, it will be available for purchase from mid-May.

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Photos: Kevin Germanier AW22



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