7 street style moments that defined 2018

Time to do a retrospective and evaluate the best moments of the street fashion of 2018
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The street style of 2018 was marked by the return of several trends that have already (very) been successful in other seasons. Others have come up during the last 365 days and will always be remembered as the remarkable fashionable moments of this year. Check out our highlights below:


# 1: Dior Saddle Bag

The Dior Saddle Bag - created in 1999 by John Galliano, then creative director of the brand - has re-created the epic fashion world this year. Since it was reissued, it has become the favorite of it girls who do not give up a cool and cool piece to compose their looks. Certainly, one of the main tendencies that bombarded by the social networks of the influencers and the streets.



# 2: Sport Attitude

The sporty footwear looks have brought a touch of freshness to the fashion world - including those directly out of the gym. The success was so much, that traditional labels brought models in this proposal, who married easily with more formal pieces, such as blazers or other overlapping pieces. While noting "dad's sneakers" or "ugly sneakers", play the joker for those who want to be well dressed but comfortable.

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# 3: Transparent pouch

How about leaving with the objects on display? If for some this is a dilemma, for other transparent purses have been an efficient way to update and bring a fun air to the productions. The best part is to choose with affection the objects that will carry in your bag to print more of your personality to the look.

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# 4: Animal Print

If there is a picture to which we must turn our attention, it is the animal print. As in many seasons and seasons, the pieces with this proposal dominated the streets and fashion editorials, bringing a vintage and contemporary perfume to the present day. From those pieces that we can call ... classic! Focus on the pattern of leopard, snake and zebra.

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# 5: Neon

Directly from the nightclubs of the 90s to the era of music streaming. The truth is that we all want a neon piece in the closet, whether they like a more striking look, or just to bring a point of color to the look. Note there: this is going to be one of the big bets of the summer.

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# 6: Practical Handbags

The idea of ​​more discreet purses worked so much this year that they almost went unnoticed. The idea is to take only the essential, so the accessory decreases in size, but does not lose the charm - the maximum of less is more, you know? It is worth even for the pochetes, maximum symbol of practicality. It works great and will continue to boom in the coming seasons.

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# 7: Cowboy Style Boots

Long ago, the boots were no longer restricted to winter, which made them appear more and more in the streets. With the western macro trend, it did not take long for cowboy boots to take on the darling of fashionistas looks - for comfort, for the practicality and cool air that instantly brings to production. The idea is to mix with more feminine and delicate pieces to make a balanced look and full of attitude.

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