Fashion Week

The digital version of Milan Fashion Week designed by CNMI

From 14 to 17 July, the National Chamber of Italian Fashion of Carlo Capasa will offer a digital hub to promote men´s Spring Summer 2021 collections and women´s pre-collections on the web and on the official brand channels.
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After the reconfirmation of Carlo Capasa as President of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion , the calendar of the next Milan Fashion Week is also confirmed in digital version . From 14 to 17 July, the brands will show their Spring Summer 2021 men's collections and women's pre-collections with closed-door and direct straming events. 37 brands appear on the calendar including Etro and Dolce & Gabbana which will also present 2 limited number physical events that will be streamed on the CNMI portal and on the corresponding social channels of the brands.

"Digital Fashion Week was born as a response to social distancing and the difficulty of traveling imposed by the world health situation but also wants to be a dynamic solution to the complexities of the present, a functional and creative tool designed to live a life of its own or to support the appointment with physical shows when it will be possible to return to the fullness of face-to-face appointments, which remain fundamental in promoting the enormous productive and creative value of Made in Italy, " said Carlo Capasa. A new digital look for Milan fashion week which is being realized thanks to a schedule that will guarantee time slots in which brands will be able to express their creativity and the novelties of their new collections.
CNMI worked together with Accenture , (a leading consultancy company in the world of digital experience), also building and creating the technology platform and Microsoft, which has made its solutions available to conceive and support the development of the digital hub. "We were the forerunners of the digitalization of the fashion week last February when, with the China We Are With You initiative, we created a digital bridge that would allow the operators and the Chinese public to experience the parades, then unable to move due to the nascent Covid-19 emergency. "said Carlo Capasa:" Strengthened by that experience, today we present a revolutionary project in the ability to open up to that new transversal audience that forms the fashion community: an audience that supports end users with professionals , often young people who experience fashion as an idiom of images and to whom CNMI proposes itself as an authoritative Fashion Translator of the fluid language of society and creativity. "

2 areas will be dedicated to the Milan Fashion Week schedule for emerging brands and talents: the International Hub Market , a scouting of international designers and Together for Tomorrow, the project launched in collaboration with Camera Moda Fashion Trust to support the new generation of designer. In addition, there will also be a section dedicated to the showrooms of the individual brands and multi-brands, with the possibility of viewing the new collections with free access to the public but also with a more reserved view of detail for professionals.


Milano Digital Fashion Week will be available on the digital channels of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion and on the CNMI channels of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Weibo and Youtube .

Download the calendar to find out all the appointments on



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