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Glam meets 70s! The designer label Katya Katya takes us to a different time.
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Photos by Mark Litvyakov

Katya Shehurina is the designer behind this unique bridal brand. The London-based designer combines fashion trends with incredibly chic silhouettes. Often inspired by vintage Shehurina's wedding dresses are made from Frech laces and Italian silk. The Latvian graduated from Esmod in Paris and started her own label Katya Katya in 2007. With a unique sense for boho dresses her style became famous also among celebrities like Nelly Furtado or Mel C, who wore "Loise", a black lace dress from the collection. Pop-Singer Jessie J wore "Pinot Noir" on The X Factor in 2011. 

Katya Shehurina's vintage-inspired wedding dresses are available at exclusive bridal boutiques.

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