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Ladies, these are the coolest street style trends of Paris Fashion Week!

Fancy sunglasses, floral prints, and crop tops are the trendiest parts of the Paris Fashion Week Crowd. How to wear and skillfully sets the scene, you will learn it here.
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The times when the glorious fashion-designer dictated the trends of the hour are already gone.  Because the real hype develops thanks to the social media and fashionable democratization on the streets of major cities. Above all: Paris! We've scouted the hippest styles during Men's Fashion Week in Paris and we're sure that with these 3 must-haves pieces you're on the safe side of fashion. 

1561628047101638 floral prints

Oversized Sunglasses:

Sunglasses, as a fashion statement, have always been a huge topic. However, the shape and design are no longer dependent on the season but are always based on the fashionable "Zeitgeist". And that is, at least in terms of accessories, shriller than ever. Thus, the short-lived Micro-Shades hype will soon find its abrupt end and be replaced by oversized, sportswear-inspired models. Our highlight: the futuristic shades of the CACETE Company (

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1561628319361667 statement sonnebrillen 21561628319358839 statement sonnebrillen 3

Floral Prints:

Yes, floral prints and patterns are still in vogue. However, they are currently losing some sense and delicacy. As hip key pieces, they are currently more sporty and artistic than ever. A trend that we've been observing with men for a while. For streetwear brands like Off-White or Heron Preston, it's always worth taking a look at the menswear department to find one or two oversized pieces. By contrast, the printed All-Over-Look by Thom Browne is more classic. 

1561628546923004 floral prints 21561628546950981 floral prints 3
1561628546989108 floral prints 4

Crop tops:

Honestly, it was just a matter of time until we also see this 90s Revival Trend again. Tummy-free Crop Tops à la Sporty Spice seem to be omnipresent this summer and are the current "salt in the soup" for any sporty look. If you want to add a touch of elegance, combine the look of Alice Barbier ( with a thin blazer.

1561628816209118 crop tops bauchfrei 21561628816232802 crop tops bauchfrei 3
1561628816283085 crop tops bauchfrei 41561628816355484 crop tops bauchfrei
Photo: Patrick Domingo

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