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You have never seen Burberry this animalistic before. Promised!

Unusual, simple and stylish. Burberry, which appeared before the audience with the concept of "Animal Instinct", dazzled with its 2022 spring-summer collection.
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"We are born from animals," says Riccardo Tisci, Creative Director at Burberry. We have an animal instinct that gets very nervous when we are depressed and sad," she explained the main theme of the fashion show. The most noticeable change in the new collection, reflecting the designer's broad perspective, is seen in trench coats. These are kept in beige tones, of course, but combined with animal prints, referencing our wild instincts. Geometric patterns, the symbol of courage, and a plunging neckline, symbolizing feminine energy, create the aura of the Burberry woman.

In the creation where shades of yellow, black, white, beige, and brown predominate, jackets with tassel details that reach to the floor, metallic transparent suits, elegant blouses created from the combination of boat and heart collars are already among the favorite designs of the season. With asymmetrical hair accessories and minimalist duffle bags inspired by gazelle ears (reminding them a little of Matthew Barney's art), Burberry designs add an almost idyllic touch to women's fashion and are ready to set trends.




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