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ARMINE OHANYAN Couture collection fall-winter 19/20

Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week.
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Nothing is static in this world. All movement means progression, change, development. As the present is evolving so fast, we would like to stop the time, to take wings and to fly away, to breathe... 
Thus, all terrestrial creatures with wings move, fly, and live freely in Nature. Similarly, the human being has always aspired throughout his development to a deep desire to fly to discover the unknown and closer to perfection: Nature. He created planes to fly; Armine Ohanyan Paris presents in the new collection of "L E T F L Y" this contrast between naturalness and invention realized by man, and reveals both the volatile and metallic, natural and mechanical aspects. Several elements illustrate this opposition, such as the use of natural materials (silk chiffon, silk organza, duchess satin, cotton, etc.) - with beautiful hand pleats designed by Maison du Pli - combined with laser cutting. 
Moreover, to denounce the pollution of the air and the world around us, the designer reiterates the use of recycled plastics by summoning them into a much more luxurious dimension. Indeed, the plastic is covered with a layer of white gold.
The house Armine Ohanyan Paris collaborates here with the house Daumet. Daumet combines ancestral know-how and new technologies from scientific research, revolutionizes the world of gold, by committing to work only with recycled gold and by customizing dry materials and without any chemical bath. 
The imaginary gives us wings. Let's fly! And let fly ... 


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