Fashion Week

ADELINE ZILIOX: Black snow & white storm

Collection couture fall winter 2019 2020 Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week

Adeline Ziliox with her second Couture collection breaks the codes of Haute Couture. She proposes some radical urban and contemporary designs. A committed collection which exposes the devastation of our society among the big blue. The designer being very concerned regarding the protection of the animal species and the climate change, proclaims her collections Slow Fashion. In order to avoid waste and overconsumption, Adeline Ziliox uses some remade, recycled materials, or materials from previous collections. Her commitment to fashion being complete, and the Mode being beautiful, as a creator herself, she needs to respect the planets resources and values, that are too much forgotten. Spectacular embroidered couture pieces made from recycled materials, like icebergs dresses which melt will be a successful bet... A committed collection without any concession.


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