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The next level - Virtual Reality Cinema

With WeAreCinema, everything revolves around the viewer. A fascinating dive into new worlds of which he becomes the hero.
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We live in a changing world. Technology has many surprises in store for us. And new experiences, as new as disturbing. Just as we have abandoned traditional video media for the benefit of Blueray, so the role of the viewer in the cinema is changing rapidly! A new page of the film industry is opening, and it's up to us to write it ...

Three young people passionate about cinema and new technologies. Three young innovators for a new product dedicated to the very promising "virtual reality", a fascinating facet of our reality of tomorrow. The success is resounding: what started with some exceptional evenings, Pop-Up events for the delight of the regulars of famous Zurich Clubs such as the Mascotte or Kaufleuten, seems to be on the verge of conquering our cinemas.
The principle is as simple as it is brilliant: each spectator, installed in a swivel seat specially developed for this cinematographic experience, is also equipped with a "virtual reality-headset". With this improved helmet, it instantly and literally plunges 360 ° into new landscapes and is projected in the middle of the action. Since his fault which he chooses the orientation, it explores as it pleases this new universe. Thus, the documentary "Notes on Blindness", devoted to John Hull who lost his sight in 1983, makes it possible to apprehend the world beyond the borders of the shadow and the light. "Sonar 360" makes us float in space, and "Witness 360: 7/7" puts us in the shoes of Jacky Putnam to live closer to the attacks on the London underground.
Is it still entertainment? The experience of this augmented reality also allows our consciousness to expand. By what we live, we become others - the fusion with the cinema has never been so real: more than ever, we are cinema! Addictive and exhilarating.

Since September 2016, WeAreCinema has moved to Icon (Restaurant Taos, Augustinerhof, 8001 ZH). Virtual reality is reaching out to you on Monday and Tuesday nights at 6 pm Unless you prefer the exceptional events planned in Aarau, Berne, Lucerne and St. Moritz ...

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