Love is in the hair: The most popular hair colors in 2021

Life is too short for a boring hairstyle. And for a boring hair colour. Dare to do something new and truest the hair color trends of 2021.
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Long, short, curly or straight - your hairstyle reflects your personality. So every season it's important to choose a good hairstyle because it underlines and completes your look. New seasons bring new trends and different ways to colour or highlight your hair. Star hairdressers and celebrities show us which hair colours are especially trendy this year. 


Just like last year, due to the pandemic, many hair salons will not be able to return to normality this year. Those who are particularly self-confident can try their hand at their dream hairstyle themselves - but this is not recommended, as work with chemical substances is better left to specialists in this field. 


Hazel brown

A popular shade of 2021 is definitely hazel, which ideally combines both cool and warm tones to create a unique hair colour. Such a tone can be achieved in different ways, either through highlights or through a complete colouring. Your hairdresser will know what is optimal in your case! 

Streak look

Who would have thought it - streaks are back! This time, however, they are not spread all over the head and not in blond, but in bright (trendy) colours. Two strands, directly on the front sides, frame the face and give it that certain something. A trend that was created especially for the brave - it is not only eye-catching, but also individual: you can experiment with colours and choose any colour you like. 


Dark base

A dark roots with a light gradient downwards has a very clear advantage: even if you don't make it to the hairdresser for some time, the hair still looks like fresh from the hairdresser, or at least like fresh from a holiday. 

Red nuances

Warm to bright copper-red tones are particularly in demand this year. They look especially interesting on Afros - something you see less often. However, those who opt for red as a hair colour are also opting for regular visits to the hairdresser to avoid suboptimal tones. Conditioners, especially for coloured hair, can be helpful from home. 



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