The right skin care for the summer

Just as important as changing your summer wardrobe is changing your care rituals. Because the needs of your skin change with the hot summer months. The vegan luxury skin care from ORVEDA offers you light, fresh textures.
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Light, refreshing and mattifying, so perfect for your sun-kissed skin are the hyaluron-rich moisturizers, which provide you with intensive moisture and nutrition. At the same time they create an exceptionally weightless and breathable skin feeling. 

ORVEDA's biologically fermented Kombucha black tea is included in all products as a signature ingredient. It improves your general skin quality, skin smoothness, skin tone as well as your brightness, glow, transparency, fullness and radiance. Its composition is rich in organic acids, vitamins and has an anti-aging effect.
Which products can you choose from?
Here is an overview.

SHEER BREW BOTANICAL GEL + Zamak self-massage tool

Our Sheer Brew Botanical Hyaluronic Gel is an intensive and comprehensive daily moisturizer that acts on the foundations that are at the root of beautiful, healthy looking skin. Specially formulated for combination, oily or sensitive skin or simply for all skin types looking for a light and refreshing moisturizer with visible signs of aging.

It contains 10 active ingredients, concentrated at 11% in a gentle but highly effective blend for youth activating results that compete with those of retinoids.

One of the key ingredients to ensure that your skin glows without shining is green bentonite clay. It is a powerful and natural way to remove toxins. You will find this ingredient in both ORVEDA Deep-Clearing Mud Masque and ORVEDA Clay-Mud Cleansing Powder


Our Clay-Mud Cleansing Powder is a balancing, cleansing and exfoliating care with more than 60% active ingredients for deep cleansing and removing make-up residues and impurities for all skin types. Its mild formula, used in conjunction with our 100% natural Konjac sponge, helps to remove the dirt that accumulates daily on the skin.

DEEP-CLEARING MUD MASQUE + Flat brush with charcoal treated cruelty-free bristles

Our Deep-clearining Mud Masque is an intensive weekly treatment that thoroughly cleanses the skin in 5 minutes while hydrating the skin. It is designed to work on the foundations that are at the root of a flawless and radiant complexion, especially if your skin tends to have unevenness, visible pores and excessive shine. It contains 9 active ingredients, 28% of which are concentrated in a green, creamy, bio-fermented, mattifying and non-drying texture.

THE HEALING SAP + Non-woven compresses

The restorative fluid care that is at the heart of our Orveda line, The Healing SapTM, is an exceptionally healing, pre-treatment treatment. A hybrid between a toner and a serum, it is an all-in-one "Glow Shot" skin restorer and microbial fertilizer that creates a visible glow that rivals make-up. It is perfumed with Orveda's Galbanum fragrance and contains 10 active ingredients in a 12% concentration.

The ORVEDA product line is available at ORVEDA.COM 

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