The magnificent aristocracy of the 18th century

The origins of the Acqua di Parma originated in 1916, in the Italian city of Parma, well known for its elegance, sophistication and culture. The city where the prominent cultural and art figures such as Giuseppe Verdi and Stendal lived.
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The NOTE DI COLONIA century collection has been designed to make nuanced details in the presentation of a flavored vial, preserving its authenticity and sophistication, as it was at the very beginnings, as well as flavors, each of which is dedicated to world famous operas. In addition, the scents of this collection are suitable for both women and men.

NOTE DI COLONIA I reflects the magnificent aristocracy of the 18th century, with a striking inspiration from Giuseppe Verdi's opera Traviata. The aroma brings a wonderful sense of ceremony, featuring notes of bergamot and neroli, and patchouli and cedar wood, which will give you a more modern sense of classic and luxurious value.

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The collection NOTE DI COLONIA II is an intense sophistication and daring personality inspired by Jason Puccini Aries at Nessun Dorma's Turandota. This fragrance combines fresh oranges, bergamot and grapefruit bouquet, but cardamom and basil notes are also noticeable.

The victory, power, heroism and adventures that are portrayed in one of the most famous operas of Giuseppe Verdi in Aida Musical Overture Triumphal Route inspires the aroma NOTE DI COLONIA III, which brings these moments through different parts of the ingredients, combining mandarin and ginger chords with vetiver noises, while intensely the warm mirror chord makes the aroma complete and saturated.

In contrast, the fourth collection of notes, the NOTE DI COLONIA IV, reflects the power of love and passion, and the inspiration for this fragrance is inspired by Džiacomo Puccini's opera Manona Lesco. In this scent, the notes of green mandarin and bergamot sparkle with intense and sensual flower notes (orange flowers, Damascus roses).

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