The 10-Step Korean Skin Care Routine

Korean beauty has taken over the world and the porcelain clear skin with a peachy look is the beauty standard we are all striving to achieve.
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We have all heard about the magical porcelain skin, so widely popular amongst the South Korean people, that here in the West one can only dream of it. Not surprising, as the East-Asian regions has been the founders of beauty rituals and cosmetic routines, passing down their traditions ever since, 700 BCE to be precise. Long before the West even knew what a mascara was. To achieve such a healthy-glowing and radiant silky skin does come at a price though: The everyday 10-step skin cleansing routine. Time, persistence and consistency are not only widespread words used for business success, but they also apply to the beauty world. Although there is an option to choose between different brands, the basic autonomy of the routine is the same. 

1. Oil Cleanser

Oil cleanser is the first step in the routine and therefore is necessary to clean all the outside garbage, like waterproof make-up and pollution dirt from the surface of the face. The aim here is not only to remove the dirt but also to soften the skin to prepare it for further steps.

2. Foam or Gel Cleanser

This is where the hardest part comes in - the double cleanse. After having removed the outside dirt from the skin, it is necessary now to clean the skin itself. Gels and foams are there to remove the sweat and excess debris from the skin.

3. Exfoliator

Ahh.. The good old exfoliator that sits in the corner of our bathtub left untouched. Although we all know the benefits of an exfoliator, the consistency in applying it is sometimes lacking. The Korean beauty experts emphasize the importance of gently removing the dead skin cells to let the new skin breathe.

4. Toner

This step is necessary for the toner to soften and moisturize the skin after it has been exposed to all the cleansing steps before. It not only allows the skin to absorb the serum and creams in the next steps better, but it also restores the natural pH balance of the skin after using the cleansers.

5. Essence

This is the step that gives your skin that peachy and healthy radiance. Going hand in hand with the toner, the essence regenerates the skin, by sinking deep inside the tissue cells and hydrating them.

6. Serum

The serum is absorbed by the cleaned pores now, providing the skin with hydration and elasticity that is so crucial for the glowy and hydrated look. The serum is this magic ingredient that sets everything right, even preventing acne and evening out the skintone.

7. Sheet Mask

This step is to provide extra hydration and of course protection for the skin. This step is up to you to decide which extra care your skin needs. Whether its glow, anti acne or restoration, sheet masks are one of the last steps that prepare your skin for the finishing touch.

8. Eye Cream

Never forget about the eyes! Since up till now, the routine has mainly concentrared on the main part of the face, eye corners are easily left out. The neglect of the soft skin around the eyes can result wrinkles way too early. Therefore, better safe than sorry! It is important to keep the eye skin always moisturized and make sure to be gentle when appying the product.

9. Sleeping Mask

Apply this almost last step to intensely hydrate your skin during the night. Leaving the nightmask in also helps to restore firmness of the skin that giving it that healthy look.

10. SPF

Last but not least, the SPF. Commonly believed mistake is that SPF is only necessary to apply when the skin will be exposed to the sun. Upon hearing that Korean beauty gurus might faint. According to Korean Beauty, SPF must be worn all the time, meaning that even if you do not go outside and stay home. The SPF serves the purpose of protecting your skin to any light exposure that might cause dark spots and also wrinkles. Therefore, even if you plan on spending your day behind the screen, the SPF is highly necessary.


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