Summer: Be inspired in these 5 ways of styling the curly yarns

One guarantee is certain: short hair is as versatile as having long hair. 5 styles prove:
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Ah, summer .... That era where temperatures come out and the urge to stay on the street too. Those who have or have had long hair know the heat and the mess that hair can get when temperatures are high.

As the great trend of the moment is to have no rules, the short strands , or the so-called pixie cut , have become beloved of celebrities like Cara Delevigne , Janelle Monaé and even Zoe Kravitz.

Can you imagine the freedom of short hair when temperatures hit 30 degrees? Yes, you will feel the wind and the freshness of the sea in time.

A lot of people twist their noses at the cut for fear of keeping or styling the threads. Therefore, we selected 5 styles that prove that the short threads are versatile:


Wet: do not be afraid of the gel, play with the product to texture the hair

Texturize: add a mousse, play with mess and play!

Ripples: you can create small waves in the fringe only with your fingers and a little gel, stylize the way you prefer

Add details: can be tab, scarf, tiara, crown, tic tac ...

Fringe: yes, you can have short hair and still keep a fringe, try


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