Skincare as it should have always been

Away from everything superfluous and towards exclusively active ingredients for which a specific benefit has been proven. This has always been the starting point for Dr. Raffaella Gregoris with which she ultimately revolutionized the beauty sector. With the Italian luxury label BAKEL.
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Dr. Raffaella Gregoris

Raffaella Gregoris is a mother of three, an entrepreneur and, according to Forbes, one of the 100 most influential Italian women. And a disruptive innovator in all aspects of her life. Her passion for research led her to study pharmacy at university and later to pursue a master's degree in cosmetic chemistry.

During her work as a chemist, she was surprised and also irritated by the fact of the unnecessary, ineffective and even potentially harmful ingredients used in creams. In 2008 she founded her label BAKEL, an abbreviation for 'Beauty and Key Elements'. Care without compromise and with 100% active plant substances.

In contrast to traditional skin care, Dr. Gregoris did not use useless, potentially skin-allergenic substances such as heavy metals, mineral oil derivatives, silicones, preservatives, dyes, synthetic fragrances and other superfluous substances in the development of her skin care products.

Their skin care products contain only ingredients that bring real, clinically proven benefits to the skin. And this is regularly scientifically tested through constant cooperation with universities, dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons.

Meanwhile, the range extends from facial and body care to UV protection and a self-tanner, which also works against the harmful effects of sunlight. The care for babies and infants rounds off the assortment.

Great treatments, preceded by a detailed skin analysis, can also be enjoyed at the Beauty Spa by Bakel in Borgo Portopiccolo in northern Italy or in the picturesque Borgo Egnazia in Puglia.

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Defence Therapist

Dr. Gregoris latest innovation: Defence - Therapist will be launched in the middle of the month. 
Two anti-ageing emulsions, thanks to a formula of clean, ultra-pure active ingredients selected for their effectiveness and safety, capable of treating sensitive skin and promoting balance. Wild chamomile flower water, aloe juice and Roman chamomile flower oil also have a calming and soothing effect. 
Luxurious skincare without compromise.

By the way, in Austria these products are available through Niche-Beauty.

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