New make-up solutions that you will apply for everyday and for celebration

In the fall of last autumn, there are beauty trends that fit both day to day and holiday season.
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The blue color does not leave the podium. It is possible to cover the entire envelope, it is possible to draw a thick line at the eyelashes. The most popular shade is mild aquamarine.

For the first season there is a pronounced eye contour , and this year it is the culmination of its different variations. An example of the classic outline might be the Givenchy fashion house in 2018. Autumn high fashion collection, the eyes of the models were highlighted in elegantly thicker lines with highlights.

More fantasy and holiness were Prada in 2018. Autumn Collection - Colorful Shadow Contour with Glued Crystals. The playful designer Jeremy Scott chose not a standard eye contour, but bright contouring stickers for his collection of cold season.

Another trend is the pink eye makeup . Cover the pink with a pink shade and add this makeup with richly colored eyelashes or colored mascara, such as the oil color (Anna Sui's 2018 autumn collection) or the blue (Christian Siriano's 2018 autumn collection).

Return to thick and thick eyelashes . To achieve this, you can use only the tip of the brush of the brush - so the eyelashes will become even thicker. Madingo is not only black but also colorful, for example, like Dries Van Noten in 2018. autumn presentation.

One of the tendencies of fresh autumn makeup is the shimmer of the inner corners of the eye , given   light reflective shadows. It is one of the quickest and easiest ways to give a look to vivacity and make the eyes visually bigger. Just hold silver, pearl, golden pencil or shade enough.

Also, the autumn takes over and during the summer the body strobing - the reflective means of the shoulder, crotch and decollete zone. This option is especially suitable for winter holiday parties if you intend to wear a more open attire.

New Lip Fronts - The effect of semi-cooled and cleansed lips. Choose a bright pigment lipstick and apply the color with your finger as if tapping. In addition, you can use lip gloss or balsam.

One of the autumnest trends in make-up is chocolate-colored lips . In collections presentations visually used dry and matte textures. Examples can be found in the fashion houses Gareth Pugh, Area and Anteprima in 2018. autumn collections.

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