My Way by Armani a Perfume or a Mindset?

What is the nicest compliment that you have ever received? Rumor has it - people's reaction when they got complimented on their smell is the most honest and precious one. Is it because scents are guides to the purest memories of our lives or because they are representing our inner self the most? A campaign for the new fragrance My Way by Giorgio Armani unites this and more questions into one life credo motto.
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Meeting new people, first makes us noticing different aspects of their appearance and later on it helps us to understand their personality. Nails, shoes, smell are three main characteristics of your offline bio. Not a secret that each fragrance can create a certain specification about you, which will make people remember you the way you want them to.

I Am What I Live

Five words that campaign for the new fragrance are manifesting in our lives. My Way by Giorgio Armani is opening a new chapter in the world of women's perfumes. Under the motto "I AM WHAT I LIVE", the fragrance encourages women to find their true, unique selves through consciously sought and lived experiences and encounters in life. 
21st century is requiring a full awareness and awakeness in everything that surrounds you: from books that you read to Instagram feed that you see and perfume that you wear. My Way symbolizes this desire for the new: it is embodied by a woman full of interest in other people and cultures that question their preconceived opinions and expand their horizons.

"I believe that through the exchange of cultures, enriching experiences are created that lead to true progress." - Georgio Armani
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