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Natural anti-aging skincare with Swiss pharmaceutical derived technology.
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Scientifically–Innovative Formulas And Clean Beauty

Through a passion and dedication for a more natural form of skincare, Perris Swiss Laboratory formulates products that represent a new evolution in skincare. Formulated without any unfriendly ingredients (no paraben, no phenoxyethanol, no silicones, no petrochemical derived Ingredients as mineral oil and Paraffins, no animal origin ingredients, no synthetic polymer, no synthetic dye and so on) for the well-being of our overall health.

The goal was to develop a range mainly for sensitive skin that would combine cosmetic excellence with natural ingredients and high skin tolerance. Perris Swiss Laboratory offers very efficient eco dermocompatible product to prevent and treat the aging process. Perris Swiss Laboratory products are researched, developed and made with the advanced Swiss technology.

Protective Packaging

Developing the Perris Swiss Laboratory brand isn’t just about the formulas – the packaging is very important for protecting our products, keeping them safe from external factors and making your skin care routine effective, safe and luxurious.

Mask Serum "Eclat de Beauté" Anti Wrinke

More than ever luxury consumers expect high standards. This drives us to continuously develop innovative packaging solutions that reflect our clients’ lifestyle, needs and preferences.

Avoiding oxidation and contamination has always been a challenge when it comes to packaging cosmetic products. It is a conscious choice to guarantee consumers an optimal formula that remains effective throughout the life of a product.

Therefore, we carefully selected the packaging for all products of Perris Swiss Laboratory brand to protect the precious formulas and to avoid any kind of contamination.

The new generation of skin peels for daily use

The peelings of Perris Swiss Laboratory are unique, they are the star products of the brand and they represent a revolution in the world of peelings. Natural seed powders are designed to rejuvenate the skin as a booster without any harsh effects often associated with synthetic and chemical exfoliants. They are renewable, sustainable and suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.

Perris Swiss Laboratory peelings are used for daily exercise and have an immediate glowing effect on the skin as well as long lasting effect on wrinkles, dark spots and imperfections.

Our peels also help to slow down the aging process, restore fine lines and promote a healthier, firmer skin. The skin is lifted, smooth and glowing . Like an exercise for the body, the Perris Swiss Laboratory peelings collection firm the skin of your face. The peelings Perris Swiss Laboratory represent the “Must Have” products and will help you prepare your beauty regime for winter. They are extremely easy to use and give an ultra-natural rejuvenating effect. Skinboosters are among the most effective solutions today.

Perris Swiss Laboratory is part of the Perris Group luxury portfolio. The Perris Group was founded in 1981 by Michele Perris. Based in Monte-Carlo, the Perris Group operates worldwide and is specialized in bringing premium luxury brands to the market. The luxury portfolio includes: Houbigant Paris, Perris Monte Carlo & Perris Swiss Laboratory.

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