How to protect our hair from UV rays at the arrival of summer?

UV rays and high temperatures often rhyme with summer, but especially with sensitized hair. We must therefore be careful to protect them because they need it as much as our skin. Discover our selection of products with nutritional virtues, but especially protective of the drying effects of the sun.
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Summer is soon here. And with him, the summer temperatures, sunbathing and other dives in the pool. And if we automatically think of applying sunscreen to protect our skin from the sun's rays, our hair is often forgotten. And yet, they also suffer from UV rays. Here's how to protect them while feeding them.

Start with a solar shield

1558017858831147 leonor greyl l huile leonor greyl fr 95ml eur34 50
© Leonor Greyl

Worship and pioneer in hair protection, Leonor Greyl Oil is incredibly restorative and wonderfully protective. Composed of natural oils rich in vitamins E, it nourishes the hair in depth and isolates them from direct aggression. Sun, salt, wind, chlorine ... the oil forms a protective and beneficial barrier that takes care of our hair all summer long. It applies to the lengths and ends before sun exposure, the sea bath or the pool. We renew the application after 3 or 4 baths.

Leonor Greyl Oil 95ml, 34,50 €.

Follow with a multi-purpose body and hair care

1558017859130824 leonor greyl huile secret de beaute 95ml eur50
© Leonor Greyl

This multi-purpose care consists of fine oils with antioxidant properties that improve the elasticity of the skin, regenerate the skin, moisturize the hair and protect against external aggressions. With subtle notes of Tiare, Yucca and Jasmine, it is the must-have to slip into your bag regardless of its nature of hair or skin type. Practical to use and quickly absorbed, the Secret Beauty Oil vaporizes on the body and hair to nourish and sublimate in a single gesture.

Secret Beauty Oil 95ml, 50 €.

Do not forget his skin

1558017859386212 leonor greyl huile magnolia gb 95ml eur34 50
© Leonor Greyl

A formula rich in carotenoids and pro-vitamin A, a hypnotic fragrance of white flowers, Magnolia Oil is used everywhere and all the time: to nourish dry skin after bathing or showering, soothe irritated skin after waxing, prolonging the tan, removing make-up gently or for massages ... A few drops are enough to make the skin supple and satiny.

The Magnolia Oil 95ml, 34,50 €.

For a silky touch

1558017859708386 leonor greyl serum de soie sublimateur 75ml eur30 80
© Leonor Greyl

This moisturizing serum highlights all types of hair without weighing effect. Popular with fine hair that tends to be leaded by styling products that are too rich, Leonor Greyl's Sublimation Silk Serum brings a silky touch and a beautiful shine, without dropping the volume. It is applied to wet or dry hair to condition, avoid the straw effect of hair dryer, tame frizz or feed its lengths and ends.

Sublimating Silk Serum 75ml, 30,80 €.

For a natural glow

1558017860083401 leonor greyl eclat naturel50ml eur30 80
© Leonor Greyl

This day cream is, more than a styling product, a real beauty care nourishing and protective. Particularly suitable for very dry hair, thick or curly because of its richness in shea butter and jojoba oil, it applies as we like, on wet or dry hair, by creasing the locks between the fingers or by brushing the hair for a smoothed hairstyle.

Natural radiance 50ml, 30,80 €.

Finish with moisturizing

1558017860372659 leonor greyl lait luminescence 150ml eur38 60
© Leonor Greyl

He is the ally of undisciplined hair, very dry or curly. Full of active plant and vegetable oils, it provides an immediate detangling effect while bringing a beautiful luminosity to the hair, which find softness and suppleness in single gesture. It applies to the lengths and ends before sun exposure, the sea bath or the pool. We renew the application between two baths to protect and rehydrate the hair.

Luminescence Bi-Phase Milk 150ml, 38,60 €.

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