This is how you create the bleached brow look, without actually bleaching them

The bleached eyebrow is quite a statement in itself; it can open up your face, create a softer look and give you a great canvas for makeup look. Fortunately, there is a trick to trying the faux bleached brows before getting started with bleach.
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While permanently bleaching your brows may be a bit extreme, it's possible to try out this bold brow trend without making a long-term commitment. This way you can still get on the hype train while keeping your real eyebrows and their natural color completely intact.

How? Easy:

Step 1: Brush concealer into the eyebrows

Using a spoolie or toothbrush, take a color correcting concealer and brush it through the brow. Start at the base of the brow in the outer corner of your eye and work your way inward, covering the brows back and taking the undersides of the hairs. Then brush the eyebrow hairs in the direction as you normally would. As for the color, choose a slightly opaque, lighter shade than your eyebrow.

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Step 2: Add another layer

Once you have your base, apply another coat of color correction. This time with even more peachy shades to further push out the dark.

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Step 3: Secure with transparent powder

If necessary, fix your brows with transparent fixation powder in and around the eyebrow arch. If your eyebrows are dark, you can mix in a little peach color correcting powder. This also prevents it from becoming visible in photos.

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