Gold Tip: Find Your Ideal Base Tone Once and For All

We reveal the secret of the make-up artist who is making the biggest hit in New York and Instagram! Enough betting in the wrong tones, finding the perfect color for a perfect make.
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Who has never had a hard time finding the ideal base shade for your skin?

How many times did we end up leaving the stores with the certainty that we finally bought the exact color , but when we used it the next day in another light, we realized that it was not so ideal after all? "A little clearer than I imagined!" Or "A tone on top of what I really wanted!".

Thinking about it, we share here the tip of the make-up artist Nam Vo , who is making the biggest success in New York and Instagram !

Recently she suggested that to find the "ideal tone" of base for each skin, we must resort to an unusual part in which we ended up not thinking about the time to test.

His tip is that instead of applying the product in the most obvious areas like the chin, neck and back of the hands, we should resort to the highest point of the cheeks . Yes, that's right, in the same place where we usually apply the illuminator.

Why? The professional explains that this is considered the area with the "medium" tone of the skin and therefore, when testing the product on the spot the chance to hit and achieve the perfect uniform look we so much seek becomes greater.

She says that the mistake is to seek this ideal tone by testing the product, for example, on the chin, which is one of the areas of the face that takes the most sun. By opting for it, the risk of buying a darker base than necessary is great.

While doing the neck test, on the other hand, we tend to buy a lighter shade than desired since this is an area that, on the contrary, takes less sun than normal.

Its secret , therefore, is based on the fact that the temples do not suffer from more or less coloration from sunlight and therefore is the ideal place to set the skin tone of the face as a whole.

Apparently, she understands what you're talking about.

See below the photos of some of the artist's made contributions to her social networks and get inspired for her next ones, which, hopefully, will look even better after this golden tip !


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The artist Nam Vo next to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram @namvo)
1544369211466728 6
The model and angel of Victoria Secret Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram @namvo)
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(Photo: Reproduction / Instagram @namvo)
1544369211986792 10
(Photo: Reproduction / Instagram @namvo)
1544369212211809 8
(Photo: Reproduction / Instagram @namvo)
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(Photo: Reproduction / Instagram @namvo)
1544369212851248 3
(Photo: Reproduction / Instagram @namvo)
1544369213137314 2
(Photo: Reproduction / Instagram @namvo)
1544369213423065 9
(Photo: Reproduction / Instagram @namvo)

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