"Symmetry is boring after all": Olivia Szmidt from GetFaceFit explains to us why

As part of the Zalando Beauty Haus in Vienna, L'Officiel Austria spoke to Olivia Szmidt from GetFaceFit and talked to her about the latest trends, the hype around facial symmetry and self-care.
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Olivia Szmidt has brought the famous facial massage techniques to Austria with her Face Fitness.

How did you get started? 

Olivia Szmidt: "I started in London in 2017 with Gua Sha and non-invasive face-lifts. I came across it through my acupuncture lady. I then started the Instagram account only out of boredom during the pandemic because I want to spread Face Massages more to the public. And because a lot more people were engaging with themselves during that time, the account grew so rapidly. That's how GetFaceFit became popular." 

What do you think of Russian massage techniques, which have a long tradition there?

Olivia Szmidt: "... many people go there even twice or three times a week. It's a strong form of massage to get a quick effect. With the Asian massage, there is more pulling. But I think both are great."

Regarding facial symmetry. That's always a topic in face massages...

Olivia Szmidt: "This is actually one of the most asked questions on my Instagram account. But I don't know what's so bad about asymmetry. For me, for example, it's the left side and my eyebrow is also higher. But the hype about symmetry really started with the Kardashians, because Kim Kardashian had herself made completely symmetrical. It looks perfect, but also weird. The interesting thing about faces is that they are not perfect. But of course: if you want to get it right, you should first go to a facial masseuse. However, it's not done at all with a massage. It's a long process."

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Absolute perfection? Boring, says Olivia Szmidt from GetFaceFit.

"Oil Cleansing is the best thing you can do for your skin." - Olivia Szmidt

So you also give your clients tips for this? 

Olivia Szmidt: "Yes, but it often has to do with changing behaviour. Sometimes it's smoking or chewing on one side. Then you can also sleep on your back. So there are different possibilities. Of course, it's not done with a massage. But you need the constant awareness in everyday life for it."  

Please tell us about your favourite products? 

Olivia Szmidt: "My favourite product is my Oil Cleanser. I recommend it to everyone. It's by Living Libations Organic Best Skin Ever from Canada."

Is it suitable for everyone? 

Olivia Szmidt: "Yes. Oil Cleansing is the best thing you can do. I'm more of a fan of 'less is more'. Leaving products on properly is important and of course, using SPF. Also to avoid pigmentation spots:" 

What are your future plans for GetFaceFit?

Olivia Szmidt: "I'm launching the GetFaceFit Academy and doing professional courses there. Also for spas. A lot of people have asked me about that, that's why I started it. In the summer I already have 30 fully booked courses and I'm really looking forward to it. It's just fun to spread self-care and emphasise natural beauty. Creating moments with yourself - that's what I want to convey." 



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