Emphasize Your Individuality With Bybozo Paris Niche Perfumes

Some people have a habit of changing perfumes every month to stay present and constantly create new memories. No wonder - the sense of smell, or olfaction, is known for its ability to elicit memories and make new ones. A whiff of a particular fragrance can take you back to a vivid but long-forgotten childhood memory, the night of your first dance, or the seashore. Therefore, your brain can recall whether it had smelled an aroma before and often where it was experienced. That is the reason why fragrance enthusiasts are looking to own something different that you can't find on every high street. A niche fragrance is a perfect way to stay unique on every occasion and create long-lasting memories sticking in others' minds.
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Today, well-known perfumes and well-loved fragrances are often worn by the masses. Designer fragrances are mass-appealing and crowd-pleasers. However, they all have that same typical character where uniqueness can be lost. You never need to worry about smelling standards when choosing a niche fragrance. Here are some things you need to know about niche perfumes.

Niche fragrances are unique, in-house perfumes produced on a small scale, which is why their availability is limited. Unlike mass-produced designer perfumes, niche fragrances are crafted by only artisan perfumers who use their style and create exclusive, one-of-a-kind scents, something you have never smelled before. Since the perfume's composition may differ from prestige perfumes, you will have to get used to mass-produced perfumes. This is especially true if you have never worn a niche fragrance before.

In addition, niche perfume houses create their fragrances according to strict industry standards using high-end quality ingredients and tend to embody a higher level of luxury in their brand. You can get a bespoke olfactory experience by trying an exceptional capsule collection of French niche fragrances by the brand Bybozo Paris

Niche perfume is associated with emotions and moods that come from fragrances. Each note in the fragrance creates its own game: citrus notes give energy, sweet notes bring flirtation, and sandalwood brings calmness. The new Habibi perfume in the BYBOZO Paris collection brings peace and spiritual harmony.

With each flavor of Bybozo, you can create different images and moods, Habibi perfume is a declaration of love to yourself, recognition of yourself: the real one, with all the advantages and disadvantages
Hamoudi Khalil shared how he created the Habibi fragrance “love for others begins with love for yourself. We often worry about loved ones and relatives, forgetting about our own interests. The fragrance will open its owner to his inner "ME". Habibi is the heart of the BYBOZO collection, radiating the energy of joy, harmony, love, clarity, purity, kindness and patience. Mindfulness and an open heart create the perfect balance between loving yourself and loving others”.

Self-love, according to Hamoudi Khalil and perfumer Paul Emilien, smells like subtle soothing green notes. You find yourself in a forest with a damp broken twig with leaves next to it. And perhaps this is just the first step towards solitude with yourself. Then calm almonds, tender cherries and cheerful currants appear. Thanks to this trio, you feel cheap lightness and joy. The fragrance then settles down, leaving subtle notes of sandalwood and powdery musk on your skin. These are the same notes that are responsible for calmness. Habibi's scent is serene, relaxing and dreamy. If you want to find inner harmony, you need to try Habibi fragrance from BYBOZO Paris.

Be blown away by exceptional, unprecedented scents and "feel the fragrance of your uniqueness!" Bybozo Paris

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