Chanel H2O

And Chanel created the water ... Anti-pollution, Chanel's brand new micellar water makes us swim in pure water. Immersion.

Imagined for all types of skin, to erase all types of makeup, Chanel Micellar Water seems to be the gesture that was expected. A complete collection dedicated to cleaning in all freshness, to transform the make-up instant into a moment of pleasure. 96% natural ingredients, formulated to treat the epidermis, Micellar water promises to gently relieve our lips, eyes, cheeks, impurities of the day, in a single gesture. Designed to moisturize and protect, Micellar Water respects the skin's barrier and the pH of the epidermis for an alcohol-free formula with marine ingredients to cleanse and counteract the process of epidermal stress caused by the daily aggressions of our environment. Definitely, we throw ourselves into the water.

Micellar Water, 150ml, Chanel, in perfumeries and approved distributors.

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