Abeille Royale: 10 Years of Innovation and Commitment

Guerlain celebrates 10 years of success proving once again that luxury, efficiency and sustainability, can all go hand in hand.
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For 10 years, Guerlain Research has focused on the exceptional repairing properties of honey and the science behind the skin repairing mechanisms that help combat signs of ageing, wrinkles and skin sagging. To gain access to most natural and effective raw materials, Guerlain has extended its research on bee products. Being nature’s great alchemists, bees are known to produce some of the most effective skin-healing substances in the world.

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During an interview Frédéric Bonté, Ph D, Head of Guerlain Scientific Research, has shared some secrets to their strategy of research of getting natural and successful products. 

"Our work has shown that repairing healthy skin involves mechanisms similar to those observed during the healing process. To find that, we tested the best known natural healer “Honey”. Because one honey cannot act on all the mechanisms of repair, we use a combination of specific genetically selected honey and royal jelly. We carefully analyzed the composition of various bee products and showed that their nature, their composition depends on the flora, the pollen gathered and the genetics of bees. Thanks to a specific formlatory, science and sensoriality come together to create our AR skin care line, with that we are able to fight the loss of firmness, wrinkles and reveal skin youthfulness". - Frédéric Bonté, Ph D, Head of Guerlain Scientific Research

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Guerlain is continuously researching the secrets and mysteries behind bee products. By analysing their benefits and identifying which of its qualities are suitable to skin’s need it has pinpointed three criteria that make for uniquely effective honey: a diverse and well preserved ecosystem, pure environmental conditions and bee genetics. Guerlain is therefore, scientifically monitoring the UNESCO classified Biosphere Reserve off the Brittany coast and is using that as a standard, investing into protection and safeguarding cultivation of bees.

One of the two most recent innovations within the Abeille Royale, is the Fortifying Lotion. Formulated with 98% naturally derived ingredients the lotion helps skin ward off the effects of stress and pollution, leaving skin stronger, smother and more luminous.

To accompany the launch of Abeille Royale’s Fortifying Lotion, for the first time, Guerlain has added a makeup remover to the range - the Cleansing anti-pollution oil. The makeup removing oil preserves the hydration of the skin, rebalances the pH and boosts skin’s softness. 

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On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, the Abeille Royale skin care line, which contains the powerful honey and the famous royal jelly to enhance the skin's self-revitalizing capacity, has now been expanded. 

Brand new in the collection, the Abeille Royale Cleansing Oil Anti-Pollution and Strengthening Lotion. 

Pictures: Guerlain

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