A Piece of Venice at Home: Giorgio Armani launches new Collection

The lipstick is the world's best-selling cosmetic product. No wonder, because beautifully shaped and smooth lips have always been an ideal of beauty and complete every make-up look.
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Adria Arjona für Armani Beauty

In the current time plagues us big wanderlust. Now there is a piece of Venice for home: Giorgio Armani launches new, warm shades in the color palette of "LIP MAESTRO" and "ROUGE D`ARMANI MATTE". The unique interplay of light and shadow in Venice changes according to the time of day and offers a multifaceted and incomparable play of light and shadow. These nuances of mysterious warmth served as inspiration.

The "LIP MAESTRO" by Giorgio Armani conjures sensual lips with its weightless formula and its intense, radiant colors. The secret is a special lip varnish formula that fuses color pigments on a fine creamy gel base, making every application a unique experience. The lip varnish is not only long-lasting, but also allows the color nuances to shine intensively from within through light-scattering microspheres.

The color palette includes new shades in delicate nude beige, noble brown and bright red. Nude tones are great for every day, noble brown and red tones are suitable for special occasions such as celebrations and rendezvous. With its special finish, the LIP MAESTRO attracts attention and is something for all women who like to wear a striking lip color. The following 4 LIP MAESTRO shades belong to the new VENEZIA COLLECTION: #103 - TADZIO, #208 - VENETIAN RED, #209 - PALAZZO and #212 - MISTERO.

The two color highlights are the colors #208 VENETIAN RED, which resembles the soft terracotta nuances of the romantic sunset of Venice, and the warm red-brown #209 PALAZZO, which is reminiscent of the evening light on the facades of Venetian palaces.

Those who prefer to play it safe and are not a fan of shiny textures prefer to go for the matt classic "ROUGE D'ARMANI MATTE". Matt lipsticks go with every make-up look.

Those who prefer to play it safe and are not a fan of shiny textures prefer to go for the matt classic ROUGE D'ARMANI MATTE. Matt lipsticks go with every make-up look.

The popular lipstick will delight you with its long durability and ultra-matt finish. The high concentration of color pigments not only makes the shades of color intensive, but thanks to its formula with ester oil and jojoba oil, it is also smooth and easy to apply. The combination of precious care and high-quality color allows thIS lipstick to be applied perfectly with a seductive finish.

The Collection offers color nuances ranging from soft beige through natural pink to passionate red. Brownish tones and dark red tones suit women with dark hair very well, light rosé and soft pink tones are especially suitable for women with light hair. The new color shades #105 - FESTIVAL, #405 - SULTAN and #406 - MOSTRA were inspired by the atmospheric play of light and color in the lagoon city of Venice. The color highlights are a feminine matt pink #105 FESTIVAL and a glamorous festival red #406 MOSTRA.

The "VENEZIA COLLECTION" is available in Giorgio Armani stores since the end of October 2020.


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