7 best fragrances for men for winter and spring in 2022

Fruity-fresh to spicy-orienta. We present you a selection of masculine perfumes, including classic fragrances as well as novelties.
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Dior Sauvage Elixir is the extraordinary new edition of the classic fragrance Sauvage. A truly fresh yet powerful fragrance experience, which is housed in a luxurious midnight blue bottle. The fragrance composition is a frivolous play of fruity-fresh grapefruit and spicy essences, which finally culminate in an intense and persistent lavender accord. In this way, François Demachy, Parfumeur-Créateur at Dior, creates a more intense odeur of the original, without departing from its origin: "I wanted to remain faithful to the decisive notes of Sauvage, but at the same time give them an unprecedented* density. To achieve this intensity, I decided to expose the architecture to reduce it to its essence. The sillage of this elixir is amazingly profound and dense. "*

*François Demachy for Dior


Stronger with you Absolutely by Armani. The new counterpart to the women's fragrance Because It's You. An olfactory love story so intense and passionate that we can't get enough of it. While she is the elegant incarnation of a synergy of raspberry and neroli, he culminate all his power in a beguiling fougère note. Masculine rum chords rounded by bergamot and lavender finally form a refined symbiosis that woman can not resist.



Gentleman Givenchy is a men's fragrance that lives up to its name. Already the bottle shines with its minimalism and promises its wearer a confident appearance for any occasion. Inspired by the classic fragrance from 1975, Givenchy takes up the fragrance again in a new edition and gives it the necessary esprit of the contemporary gentleman. Pear and cardamom characterize the spicy top note, while the floral heart note is determined by iris and lavender. Meanwhile, the accord of leather, patchouli and vanilla gives it a masculine charisma.

Kilian Paris

Mysterious, dark, daring- a black pearl among perfumes. Black Phantom Memento Mori Kilian is a niche fragrance from The Cellars series by Kilian. A gourmand experience that perfumer Sidonie Lancesseur says is inspired by the sea, pirates, and adventure. With rum, vanilla, and sugar cane in the entrée, the scent of coffee finally adds the necessary thrill. The vetiver essences in the base relaxes the dominant aroma. The flacon also impresses with its striking accents.  The black lacquer coating as well as the hand-engraved golden Achilles shield reflect its luxurious contents. A truly sophisticated fragrance that you will not experience twice.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris

Grand Soir - an ode to the night, the city of love, Paris. When the sun sets and the city is immersed in a sea of lights, the time has come to throw yourself into pleasure and let yourself be carried away by the magic of the evening until you lose yourself in the excess of the night. The creation of Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris captures this unbridled moment and transforms it into a beguiling composition of vanilla benzoin from Siam, tonka bean from Brazil and labdanum from Spain. A woody-oriental fragrance that combines three accords and is suitable for both men and women.

Bottega Veneta

The luxury company Bottega Veneta, which specializes in leather goods, launched its first perfume only 10 years ago and has created a very manageable range of men's and women's fragrances to date. However, the quantity by no means speaks for the quality of the fragrances. The high luxury standard of the collections is continued in the perfume production. Classic design, craftsmanship as well as functionality are also reflected in the current men's fragrance Pour Homme by Bottega Veneta. The eau de toilette serves up a light top note of bergamot against a heart of leathery scents, which are complemented by patchouli, labdanum and musk in the base. A harmonious interplay of aromatic notes and leather accords that tastefully underlines the masculinity of its wearer.


THIS IS! Vibes of Freedom is the latest edition in the THIS IS HER! and THIS IS HIM! series from Zadig&Voltaire. The naming grew out of the last few months of abandonment in Lockdown 2020 and is not only a call for freedom, but also an invitation to find inner peace. Just switch off in a quiet, safe place in nature, away from the storm of the city. Somewhere in the south, Cécilia Bönström (artistic director of Zadig&Voltaire) discovered this place for herself, captured this moment and used it as inspiration for the new fragrance composition. An odeur that awakens all the senses, picks up its wearer and leads him along towards freedom. The fragrance duo captivates with a delicate sea breeze. THIS IS HER! Beguiles with its floral-oriental top notes, which are complemented by radiant pear accords. The intense chestnut cream note, distinguishing feature of the THIS IS HER! line, embeds itself excellently in the exit. THIS IS HIM! Combines a fresh breeze of tangerine and lavender. Underneath, delicate cedrat and incense mingle before patchouli and cardamom bring the eau de parfum to a spicy finish. Both perfumes celebrate the life feeling of freedom and let us finally take a breath after the chaos of the last months. A perfect gift for your loved ones or yourself, for the long-awaited spring and summer season.

Available from February 2022 in selected retailers!



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