5 (Easy) Need-to-Try Makeup Looks for this Summer

When you are jumping into the summer skincare routine with the high use of SPF and Mario Badescu rosewater facial spray, the only thought about makeup is "none means perfectly done". Yet here are five must-try makeup looks that you don't want to miss.
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Summer is in the air! And also everywhere else, where the level of stuffiness is not bordering on decency anymore. The weather forecast is requiring to put less in order to avoid precipitation of your own suffering. And when your best partner in crime (and punishment) is a sweat, you unwittingly forget about anything that is connected with style or, moreover, makeup. But no matter how you spend your summer days: sitting in the blazer and panties on the Zoom meeting or having a little buzz around open terraces in the pursuit of the best cocktail, your face is no longer neglected and ready to be reminded of how to be a canvas for a makeup drawer.

Blush It Up!

What is a cherry-on-top of any makeup? Coverage + contouring are not even too much, yet not enough anymore. The whole celebration is hidden in the bright pinkish-orangish palette, which has magic of revival. The undervaluation of blush as one to-go product deprives many people of the opportunity to look like you just came back from two-days SPA retreatment. The latest technologies and improvements in the blush-world help you to avoid a grandma's cakey look. Instead of familiar powder-based products, our makeup bags have been replenished with all kinds of liquids. This form of blush helps you to create a fresh, glowy face like you were sleeping 9 hours straight for your whole life. The secret is to take the brightest shade and put it not only on the cheeks but chin, a tip of the nose and eyelids as well. 

1593730135521766 blushes
Try It: Milk - Lip&Cheek / Glossier - Cloud Paint Dusk / Benefit - Benetint

Red Lips Makeup Look is Your Spirit Animal 

If blush is here to improve your facial features, lipstick, in the opposite, emphasizes what mother nature (or hyaluronic) has given to us. And what can rejoice the art of being a woman better than red lipstick? Many ladies are running away with an excuse that they have never found a shade that would fit them. But maybe the reason is that they were looking in the wrong section? Of course, choosing the right red lipstick might be quite challenging. It has to perfectly match not only your skin tone but also an attitude. That is why summertime is the best time to look for options since you can move away from the standard 

"Hollywood" colors, and try something peculiar. From orange shades to glossy cover - there is a bunch of fun interpretations to add a little bit more spicy into the classic red lips game. By the way, pinkish blush, red lipstick, glowy skin, and no accent on the eyes is a little bit over-romanticized, but prettiest makeup for warm summer evenings. 

1593731403872067 lipsticks
Try It: Chanel - Rouge Coco Gloss/ Benefit - Benetint/ Mac - Red Rock

It's Not a Sweat, It's a Glow 

Summer is the season of testing. Testing if you can party all night and then go to work in the morning or testing your skin on all levels of humidity. And if with first you either have innate abilities for that or not, the second one you can easily adjust for yourself. With the right treatment and makeup base - your skin is going to shine not only from the outside but will have this desired inner illumination. Undoubtedly, to create perfect skin during the summer - you can forget about the word foundation for three-four months. But it doesn't mean that going on the streets "naked" will immediately give you the sun-kissed effect. And here are some products that actually will. Like for example, Laura 

Mercier - Tinted Moisturizer Illuminating, which is the best replacement for any foundation. If you have ever used an Instagram filter on your face, then you will be excited to see it come alive with the help of this holy product. It is basically... perfect! 

1593739268974767 illuminators
Try It: Laura Mercier - Tinted Moisturizer Illuminating/ Charlotte Tilbury - Beauty Light Wand Highlighter/ Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Hydrating Primer/ Kevyn Aucoin Glow Face

You Don't Need a Reason to Look Like You're Going Out

Sometimes there is just a day like this when you feel like something is missing. But it is simply another hot summer day in the city, and you realize that you are yearning for the joy of your beauty routine. And you feel the last lost touch of personal expression somewhere on your face. A touch that makes you feel secure and powerful. Such as a swipe of color on your eyelid. Nevertheless, an eye-accent doesn't mean you should go all the way up. It's even asking for a devoid of the color on the rest of your face. So if Tyra Banks said to smile with the eyes, we are going to create something to frame this smile.  

1593744413872398 eyeliners
Try It: Dior - On Stage Waterproof Liner/ Urban Decay - 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil/ Essence - Electric Vibes 03 Eye Pencil/ NYX - Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette

Bronzer is a New Natural

Tan is always a good idea, especially when you don't have to play risky and spend time under the rays chasing freckles. This is some sort of impermissible luxury to be kissed by the sun all year long. So we modestly prefer a simple "awaken". To fake support our Vitamin D without sacrifice, we turn for help to a Hint B (which stays for bronzer). An ultimate makeup look no matter the season or occasion. In the case of bronzer, you should be as conscious as with the red lipstick. Because you don't want orange spots on your face to make an illusion of a desperate way to self-tan. Choosing a liquid formula allows you to reach a more natural glossy skin look, while powder lasts longer and keep everything on places. Contouring has already left the fashion scene, but a slight touch with a brush all over the face will create a well-rested glow.

1593748458858644 bronzers
Try It: MAC - Bronzing Collection Prep+Prime Fix/ Benefit - Hoola Bronzer

But still, the best makeup you can wear is inner happiness and self-love. At the end of the day, applying colors on your face should bring you joy, but not try to improve or hide you behind the glam.



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