15 Beauty Brands to Try From Around the World

Satisfy your wanderlust with these top-rated brands from around the globe.
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While many begin 2021 with hopeful optimism, travel junkies and holiday vacationers alike struggle to scratch their wanderlust itches as travel bans continue to make it difficult to go anywhere but the grocery store. If there’s one thing quarantine taught us, though, it’s that the breadth of experiences you can create within your own home knows no bounds. Many have grown accustomed to ditching the hair salon in favor of DIY cuts or replacing a gym membership with at-home workouts, so who’s to say we can’t simulate some of the joys of traveling from home?

It’s tough to beat the immersive experience of visiting a new country, but approaching quarantine beauty with international brands can give us a taste of how things work in the cultures we admire and long to experience. Here, L’OFFICIEL guides you through the top beauty brands around the world, from the effortlessness of France to the soothing skincare of Japan.

Dr. Jart+ (South Korea)

1609930322664939 dr jart cicapair color correcting treatment1609930322881779 dr jart cyro rubber mask
Left: Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment. Right: Dr. Jart+ Cyro Rubber Mask.

With with 10-step nightly routines and the goal of achieving glass skin, K-beauty is known for its innovation and focus on quality skincare. South Korean skincare brand Dr. Jart+ got its name from the phrase "Doctor Joins Art," which reflects the brand's philosophy of "skincare powered by science, inspired by art." The green-to-beige color-correcting treatment went viral on TikTok in recent months as a miracle cream that evens the skin tone by eliminating the appearance of redness, and it's currently Sephora's best-selling Dr. Jart+ product. 

Cosrx (South Korea)

1609930323113093 cosrx skincare korean brand1609930323341531 cosrx snail cleanser
Left: Cosrx assorted products. Right: Cosrx Advaced Snail Mucin Gel Cleanser.

Once a well-kept secret in America by the most in-the-know of sincare junkies, Cosrx is a cult South Korean skincare brand that has since infiltrated the international market. The inexpensive products are huge hits at retailers like Ulta and Urban Outfitters, especially the Acne Pimple Master Patch and the Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence, which utilizes snail secretion filtrate to brighten, hydrate, and repair the skin. 

Too Cool for School (South Korea)

1609930323587175 korean beauty skincare around the world too cool for school1609930323778739 korean beauty around the world too cool for school
Left: Too Cool for School Artclass by Rodin Tea Party Blusher Palette. Too Cool for School Tag Gwan Jong collection.

Known for its egg-based skincare line, this K-beauty brand has skyrocketed in popularity thanks to its user-friendly makeup, too. TCFS' Artclass shading palettes and ombre blush sets simplify the sometimes daunting task of contouring.

Talika (France)

1609930324032976 talika france skintelligence1609930324259593 talika lipocils collection
Left: Talika Skintelligence Hydra Cream. Right: Talika Lipocils Lip Liner.

French girls are known for glowing skin and natural beauty, and they love the French skincare label Talika. The brand sells a variety of hydration-rich anti-aging masks as well as eye duos that help with growth and pigmentation of eyelashes. 

By Terry (France)

1609930324559125 makeup beauty around the world france by terry1609860066848510 skincare makeup beauty around the world by terry
Left: By Terry V.I.P Paris Mon Amour Eyeshadow Palette. Right: By Terry Hyaluronic line.

Beyond all of the makeup offerings from Parisian fashion houses like Chanel, Dior, Givenchy, and others, By Terry is a favorite French beauty brand that infuses its cosmetics with skincare ingredients. The hyaluronic acid-based setting powders and foundations give a flawless finish while also hydrating the skin.

Bioderma (France)

1609795436939900 bioderma france atoderm cleansing shower oil1609795436931093 bioderma sensible h2o
Left: Bioderma Atoderm Anti-Irritation Shower Oil. Right: Bioderma Sensibio H2O Soothing Cream and Micellar Water.

Named "France's Best Skincare Export" by Birchbox, Bioderma makes a micellar water that celebrities and French girls have sworn by for years. The cleansing water is centered around research-based findings (as are all of the brand's products) and uses soothing properties to remove makeup and cleanse skin. 

Emma Lewisham (New Zealand)

1609860969922085 beauty around the world new zealand emma lewisham skincare1609795834631669 emma lewisham supernatural face oil
Left: Emma Lewisham Skin Reset Even Skin Tone Serum. Right: Emma Lewisham Supernatural Triple Vitamin A+ Face Oil.

The New Zealand beauty scene places a clear emphasis on sustainability and green science, and Emma Lewisham's cult-favorite brand is no exception. With a commitment to transparency and its small-batch production, the brand's nourishing ingredients are "farm-to-face." Its Skin Reset Even Skin Tone Serum is an early favorite of its Kiwi consumers, and now American shoppers can get their hands on the skincare line as it recently launched in the U.S.

ModelCo (Australia)

1609796151156373 modelco lashxtend mascara turbo lashwand1609796151194537 modelco tanning mousse
Left: ModelCo LashXTend Mascara and Turbo Lashwand. Right: ModelCo Tanning Mousse.

Model agent Shelley Barrett launched this beauty brand based on her experience with her model clientele and knowledge of the core products they need. Beginning with a well-received heated eyelash curler in 2002, the brand has now grown to offer everything from highlighter to lip plumper to tanning mousse

Go-To (Australia)

1609796401272715 glowy face mask go to skincare1609796401264492 go to skincare face hero
Left: Go-To Transformazing Single Face Mask. Right: Go-To Face Hero Face Oil.

Founded by Australian beauty editor Zoë Foster Blake, Go-To brands itself as simple, easy skincare that works. Its best-selling products include the Face Hero face oil, which the brand says "completely protects the face against bad guys trying to make it unhappy," and the Properly Clean facial cleanser. 

Tatcha (Japan)

1609930319183818 selena gomez tatcha water cream1609930319625971 japanese beauty around the world tatcha
Left: Selena Gomez uses Tatcha The Dewy Skin Cream. Right: Tatcha Rice Wash and Dewy Skin Cream.

A tried and true luxury favorite of celebrities and beauty gurus alike, Tatcha is a Japanese skincare brand known for its silky, soothing properties. The brand's products are based on the typical Japanese skincare routine, which includes oil cleansing and deep moisturizing. 

Canmake (Japan)

1609930319909215 canmake japan beauty brand1609930320163293 canmake japan colorful nails
Left: Canmake makeup products. Right: Canmake nail polish.

This Tokyo-based beauty brand is known for its pink hues and cute, compact packaging. According to its brand philosophy, Canmake makes products for customers that want to "look cute, have fun, and sparkle!"

SK-II (Japan)

1609930320396693 japanese beauty around the world sk ii essence1609930320630820 ski ii japanese beauty
Left: SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. Right: SK-II GenOptics Aura Essence, Facial Treatment Essence, and Clear Lotion.

This luxury award-winning skincare brand is known for Pitera, the brand's special ingredient derived from a strictly controlled natural fermentation process. Rich in vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and organic acids, Pitera is a clear liquid that restores skin for a bouncy, clear glow. 

Afrocenchix (Britain)

1609930320863444 afrocenchix sooth leave in1609930321117201 afrocenchix soothing scalp oil
Left: Afrocenchix Smooth Moisturizing Hair Cream. Right: Afrocenchix Soothe Scalp Oil.

Afrocenchix is a British, Black-owned haircare business founded by friends Rachael Corson and Joycelyn Mate who found themselves frustrated with the lack of clean, effective products for afro hair. With an emphasis on sustainability and ethical practices, Afrocenchix became the first British brand specifically for afro hair to be available in a major retailer when Whole Foods began selling their products in 2018. 

The Inkey List (Britain)

1609930321311835 the inkey list hyaluronic acid1609930321533934 the inkey list succinic acid blemish treatment
Left: The Inkey List Hyaluronic Acid Serum and Hair Treatment. Right: The Inkey List Succinic Acid Blemish Treatment.

A Sephora best-selling brand and a favorite of TikTok skincare guru Hyram Yarbro, The Inkey List has been praised for its clean and effective ingredients. Inexpensive and compact, its most popular products include the Retinol Anti-Aging Serum and Salicylic Acid Acne + Pore Cleanser.

Costa Brazil (Brazil)

1609930321731440 costa brazil beauty around the world1609930321910175 costa brazil body cream
Left: Costa Brazil Kaya Anti-Aging Oil. Right: Costa Brazil Creme Para o Corpo.

Sustainable beauty brand Costa Brazil is inspired by founder Francisco Costa's homeland and the healing powers that reside in the natural resources of the Amazon rainforest. The result is luxe skincare and body products that combine sustainably harvested ingredients with chic packaging and a commitment to supporting the local communities of the Brazilian Amazon.

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