Horoscope September 2021: How to survive Mercury Retrograde with Mindfulness

In a combination of astrology and tarot, in short: tarotscope explains L'Officiel astrologer Tanja Brock the most important astrological stations of September and tries to take the horror out of the myth of Mercury Retrograde!
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Cosmic Roadmap or "What horoscope season is it?" 

Especially if you know about the actual astrological transits, important astrological events, or moon phases, you can adjust yourself and your activities temporally, energetically, and emotionally. You can understand this like a cosmic roadmap or a cosmic weather forecast. This also provides the opportunity to be patient during bad cosmic weather. It helps to get back into action as soon as it is over and shows how to use the current energies for your business, private life, and personal goals in the best way.

Virgo time: On August 22nd the sun moved into the sign Virgo

Since then, all hardworking and industrious Virgos, such as designers Stella McCartney or Tom Ford, among others, have a birthday and the appropriate counterpart to the energy represents, in my opinion, the tarot card "Eight of Coins" from the Raider Waite Tarot.
The classic meaning of the tarot card stands for insight, the impulse to continue to work on a started work, for the fact that you get further step by step and with patience and diligence. About the certain love of detail that is very peculiar to Virgo I have already reported in my article about the astrology of August 2021, this now characterizes September and helps us in the work and in everyday life to be productive and accurate.

On the tarot card which, by the way, comes from the counter-derided Modern Witch Tarot by the American illustrator Lisa Sterle, you see a busy artist at her desk. In the classic illustrations of the originally held Raider Waite Tarot, here you see a craftsman in rustic clothing sitting on a bench under a tree, representing grounding and the element of earth, which is also assigned to Virgo.

The card of the tarot Eight of Pentacles is and the energy of the zodiac sign Virgo is an invitation to continuous self-improvement and the continuation of our spiritual development.

The fact that this same communication planet Mercury is the ruler of Virgo is often shown by the fact that Virgo-born people, for example, have good negotiating skills, communicate well and meaningfully, and language itself is one of their favorite forms of expression. Organizing and completing their to do's is often easier for Virgo than Gemini, who are also ruled by Mercury. Planet Mercury, of all things, turns retrograde at the end of September on Sept. 27 in the zodiac sign Libra. Because Mercury in Virgo may seem more grounded and structured. However, this in turn gives Virgo a reputation for a certain sobriety with emotions and an ascetic endeavor as far as any sensual pleasures like expensive designer clothes, opulent dinners or any other debauchery is concerned.

Book tip: Karen Kingston, Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui



Time to clean out the closet: Horoscope 7th September it is "New Moon in Virgo"

This New Moon promises us, in the earth sign of industrious Virgo, the opportunity to take control of our lives by making our work ourselves and our homes more organized.
We may imaginarily let in a little wonderful magical on tidying up fairy, who instinctively knows what is no longer needed in our lives, what is no longer useful and meaningful and what simply takes up too much space and energy. Just sorting out clothes releases energy that comes from the past.
The whole thing can be approached and celebrated until your own closet has become a minimalist shrine. By leaving only, for example, the It-pieces, which is perfect, beautiful, pleasant and essential. But this in turn is emblematic of one's own life. This is the Virgo energy, which operates a kind of soul Feng Shui with us on September 7.

This new moon in Virgo is about order, creating a healthy balance even in our material environment (element Earth). We may sort, clean out and organize our clothes, furniture and possessions in this energy - even throwing things away so that the energy becomes more balanced and clear in the spaces we are in every day.

Book tip: Karen Kingston, Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui

Daydreaming, passion, and deception from Horoscope September 10

On September 10, the love planet Venus moves into the zodiac sign of Scorpio until early October.
When personal planets like just the love planet Venus enter the sign of Scorpio, it is like a journey into the underworld. The profundity of Scorpio can lead us into the mysterious terrain of our relationships. This means the relationship with others, but also with ourselves. Now we can develop a true spirit of inquiry that leads us to the most unloved parts of our souls. Where we can develop a deeper understanding of ourselves and our history. Even if it is very painful. Secrets and taboos have a strong attraction now. This could generally mean that society may now experience that in business and politics unpleasant secrets could come to light, which could possibly have an impact just before the German federal election.

Matching tarot card for your monthly horoscope
Seven of Cups, also from the Modern Witch Tarot based on the Raider Waite Tarot, themes: Passion, seduction, fantasy, illusion, reverie, unrealistic desires, deceptive hopes, and escape from reality. This is really one of the most mysterious and colourful, as well as filled cards of the Waite Tarot. You can see seven chalices floating on it, each with something alluring rising out of it. This is the "daydream" and "castles in the air" card #1! In the Tarot, the Cups stand as the carriers for emotions, but also fantasies and illusions. But in relation to Venus in Scorpio, the Snake is particularly interesting. Because as many may know, it is so that snakes in the symbol world of the Tarot and not only there, but also for example in the depth psychology of Freud and C.G. Jung usually stand for pronounced sexuality. Sexual fantasies and passion can therefore have a stronger effect on us from this time on and influence our deepest and most hidden longings which concern love and sexuality.
The quality of time with Venus in Scorpio forces us to become clearer and to overcome (self-)deceptions in order to find out what we really feel, what we really want, and to imagine realistically what is best for us. We must not decide hastily and too emotionally, but should now be a little sober and mature.

Indecision: Mars moves into Libra from September 15

When Mars is in Libra, we may tend to use our very own charm as a means to an end, this can be positive if we use it for good.

However, as we now want to see all sides in negotiations, relationships, conflicts or on the job, we can become indecisive and confused. Since we certainly don't want to be the "bad guy" in conflicts under this influence, we may tend to neglect our own interests.
Therefore, under this astrological energy, it is better to postpone major negotiations and decisions if possible and, typically for Libra, prefer to harness the drive to take care of harmony in relationships and or one's own beauty or beautification of the home.

Caught in the inner Wonderland: Full Moon in Pisces on September 21

The Full Moon in Pisces on the 21st can help us step into our full power as conscious beings. Pisces energy opens our hearts, helps us feel into the vastness of our energy, and helps us understand the infinite connections to all beings and energies in the universe.

Every full moon is always an opportunity, a properly cosmic gift, to accelerate our spiritual awakening.
Of course, right now such a dreamy Full Moon Pisces energy collides with the Sun, which of all things is still in the opposite sign of neat and rational Virgo. And this is also what may make us feel a bit confused, drowsy and overrun during the days leading up to and after the Full Moon in Pisces. For where the zodiac sign of Pisces is limitless, Virgo strives to create realistic boundaries. Virgo energy teaches us that details and love of them are important, while Pisces prefers to look more closely at the universe and the big picture, blurring or blinding the details.

The tension of the Full Moon allows us to see more clearly where we are standing in the way of ourselves and our fulfillment, where we are stuck and dependent in wishful thinking, blame and illusion. Dreams can also convey important messages and insights during this time. Therefore, dream diary or journaling is recommended.

As a mutable water sign, the energies of a Pisces Full Moon can feel unsettling, confusing and stormy, this is quite normal. The best thing to do is to allow yourself to feel these emotions and be inspired by the creative energy that Pisces is so well known for.

The love and life of others from September 22 Sun in Libra

Now the Libra season slowly begins: the zodiac sign Libra is the sign of community, relationships and mediation, beaurocracy, aesthetics and diplomacy. Libra-born people are mentally occupied a lot with interpersonal relationships. Since they mostly try to do justice to the other people around them and to mediate diplomatically, they are especially suited for counseling, pastoral and psychological tasks.

Libra are able to speak truths skillfully and empathetically without hurting. Sometimes, however, the content of a statement is sacrificed to a too nice form, i.e. one packages something too nicely, because one sacrifices oneself and one's own opinion to the love of diplomacy). The difficulty that a Libra often experiences in their life is to take a clear stance and make clear decisions, to distinguish themselves from others, because the Libra perceives itself through the relationship to the "you". One cannot develop a really strong "I" if one constantly avoids conflicts and tends to overly conformist opinions. A Libra loves balanced thinking and is usually therefore very friendly, charming and popular. Libra, like its astrological symbol, is known to strive for balance, harmony and possesses an extremely fine sense of aesthetics as demonstrated by Libra designers: Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan or Sergio Rossi.

It is important for Libra-born people to pay attention to their own needs as well, to look at them and lovingly accept them as part of their ego! The core theme of Libra and just our of the quality of time we experience with the Sun in Libra is: love and relationship. What is certainly good for the private life, after we were in the Virgo time but mostly very focused on work and everyday life.

Who is afraid of Mercury Retrograde? On September 27 Mercury turns retrograde in Libra

The positive thing about this transit is that you can reorganize and focus on goals, sorting, repositioning, getting things done that have been left undone.

The horrors of Mercury retrogrades that one always witnesses and reads about concern possible technical problems, communication errors, misunderstandings, complications in business and negotiations, or travel problems.

Ideally, this is a time for a (communication) break, to review and think about what you have done and achieved in the past months, that you can then see in a new light. Maybe this is also an occasion to refine your own business appearance or to better communicate your needs in a relationship and the family!
It is also a suitable time to close old business, for tax returns, necessary back office work to be done, bookkeeping, fine work and for this to make a clean plan of the coming tanks and to-dos. You can do good advance work to initiate new ventures, collaborations and projects when the retrograde cycle is over then, starting October 18.

So Mercury retrograde can also bring about some positive things, and more often it can mean a chance to correct the path, in terms of communication and important business. Perhaps my execution helps to make something quite positive out of this time and to take the terror out of the whole thing.
Sure, you generally hear that with a Mercury retrograde you shouldn't necessarily sign contracts, buy anything, travel, get married or start your own business. However, it would be really bad and also tragic if one would spend one's own so valuable life time behind closed doors because of an astrological interpretation.
But one should be more careful in such a time in the above mentioned areas, because all this falls into the area of the planet Mercury, the communicative and nimble messenger of the gods and ruler of Virgo and Gemini.

By the way Mercury is not the only one of the planets that is retrograde, and every astrological planet seems to turn backwards in the sky from time to time. I say seem because this is an optical phenomenon.

What does it even mean that a planet like Mercury is retrograde?
Since the Earth orbits the Sun at different speeds than the other planets, they appear to move backward in the sky. This optical illusion occurs more often with inner planets such as Mercury, Venus, or Mars, which orbit the Sun faster than outer planets such as Pluto, Saturn, and Neptune. Their retrogrades occur less frequently and then sometimes last for months.

Conclusion: All in all and in conclusion we can say that it is advisable to slow down the general tempo during Mercury Retrograde, especially in Libra you should weigh up decisions well. And it is recommended: to think first and then to talk. And these are all good recommendations for the Mercury retrograde time, but also somehow for life in general.



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