Horoscope January 2022: The first Mercury Retrograde of the year

January begins with Venus retrograde in Capricorn, and communication planet Mercury turns retrograde in Aquarius on Jan. 14 and likewise changes in Capricorn from Jan. 26. On Jan 24, drive planet Mars also changes to the zodiac sign of Capricorn. This may cause the basic energy for the start of 2022 to feel a bit slower and more leisurely, almost like chewing gum dragging on.
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It seems with everything we want to start or finish, we need more time than usual to think, to revise things, to correct, and to reconsider important things. But it is precisely this Capricorn energy that allows us to set all the course for success already in January, especially professionally, through serious, sometimes strict or pedantic and well-structured work.


The first month of the new year 2022, January is also marked by Capricorn energy. On December 21, the Sun moved into the sign of Capricorn. January begins with Venus retrograde in Capricorn and communication planet Mercury turns retrograde in Aquarius on January 14 and also changes from 26.01 in Capricorn. On January 24, drive planet Mars also changes to the zodiac sign of Capricorn. 

As an animal of the high mountains, Capricorn knows where the weights of life lie - where above and below is. Thus he is not easily dazzled, has everything under control. Nevertheless, the Capricorn should not be pushed so easily into the corner of the "cold soul", because behind his facade waits for a profundity that is unparalleled and is also present in the original representation of the zodiac sign. Secondly, he is an absolute workhorse and this makes him - like his earth element "colleagues" Virgo and Taurus - a zodiac sign that can build up a considerable fortune. This is immediately proven by looking at the list of successful entrepreneurs. Business acrobats like Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, shipping legend Aristotle Onassis, cosmetics entrepreneur Helena Rubinstein (and her rival Elizabeth Arden), or Hilton founder Conrad Nicholson Hilton were all born under the zodiac sign of Capricorn and have created empires with perseverance and discipline.  

Optimism and Spirituality: Jupiter in Pisces since December 29.

In addition, however, there is a very positive constellation that makes us optimistic in the best case, which also carries the basic energy of the year 2022.
Just on December 29, the year's ruler Jupiter moved into the sign of the imaginative Pisces.

Basically, it can be said that with Jupiter in Pisces, the search for a deeper meaning in our lives is activated. Especially favored now are all kinds of esoteric and spiritual activities such as meditation, yoga, alternative therapies and healing, etc. Jupiter expands all the areas it touches. This constellation can bring some wonderful gifts to our world. It makes sense, therefore, to focus on creative projects or topics that require imagination and inspiration until May. This energy can help us experience more meaning and move our visions forward in unexpected ways. We may become especially familiar with the planet's energy in 2022, as Jupiter is considered the astrological ruler of the year.

Cosmic Roadmap

Especially if you know about astrological transits, important astrological events or moon phases, you can adjust yourself and your activities temporally, energetically and emotionally correctly. You can understand this like a timetable or a cosmic weather report. This also provides the opportunity to patiently weather a bad cosmic weather. It helps to get back into action as soon as it is over and shows how to use the current energies for your business, private life and personal goals in the best possible way.

Keep cool: Communication planet Mercury moves into the sign Aquarius on Jan. 2, 22 until Jan. 26, 21 and turns retrograde from Jan. 14 to Feb. 4 2022

Aquarius is about staying neutral for us in our communication and not allowing our feelings or moods to get in the way of truth and clarity. When Mercury is in Aquarius and there shaping our thinking per se, we see things through a more rational lens than usual. This could give us some "aha" moments!

Still, it's a time to approach our most innovative ideas and plans with an eye toward the future. Our dreams and visions are good to revise internally also to discard/renew things again if something doesn't work (anymore) in reality and has no potential anymore.

Tip: However, we must be careful not to think and communicate too coolly or soberly in this constellation, otherwise we could briefly lose contact with our sensitive sides.

All the way up: January 2 New Moon in Capricorn Themes: Plans, ascension, manifestation, visualization

The New Moon in Capricorn is usually at the beginning of a new year. We want to start the new year successfully. However, before manifesting anything, we should therefore also have a concrete vision. Capricorns are always oriented towards advancement and strive for (even) more status. 
With the help of Capricorn energy, you will certainly find it easier to get to the essence of the deepest desires and to recognize in which areas one wants to progress or grow. Basically, Capricorn energy requires structure, so it is important to define your own goals and desires for your subconscious and possibly sort them out with the help of a vision board. The image of one's visions helps in manifesting one's wishes for the new year 2022.

What we often forget about this sign of the zodiac is that although Capricorn has a stubborn head and is very stubborn about his goals, he is always oriented to a solution with heart, soul and the welfare of the general public. Thus, we can now really align again what for us 2022 and create our wish lists and vision boards. 

First Mercury Retrograde 2022: On Jan 14 Mercury Retrograde first in Aquarius and then from Jan 26 in Capricorn.

Then, when Mercury retrogrades in Aquarius mid-month, not only will communication and travel become chaotic, but we can also expect a wave of complications in our lives when it comes to technology/schedules/plans/contracts/trade, which in turn are technically regulated. After all, the sign Aquarius also rules electricity, technology, and the internet in general. So we may again face a crash in our communication channels via WhatsApp, Instagram, or Facebook.

Mercury retrograde in Capricorn from 01/26 to 02/4/22 in retrograde can make us clash with others when it comes to difficult topics, strictness, or speechlessness in communication. A constellation that can be very frustrating and possibly block our communication power and channels like emails, WhatsApp, etc. 

Tip: In any case, you should be careful not to be too stubborn to enforce your own point of view.

Feeling like the moon: January 18 fullmoon in Cancer

The Cancer fullmoon on January 18, 2022 brings a spotlight straight to the themes of: Family, Home, Love, Truth, Support, Caring, Relationships, Fears, but also our goals and dreams for 2022. 

Perhaps our goal is to put unhealthy relationships behind us once and for all. The element of water is associated with Cancer, so Cancerians often find themselves at the mercy of their emotions because of their sensitivity. If the energy stands strongly in the water element, like to the cancer full moon on January 18th it is sometimes only small things which let our personal feeling barrel almost overflow. Just then we look for the environment of very familiar and beneficial people, because we feel so attacked and sensitive. 
The Cancer Full Moon helps us to realize that we have great potential in the new year 2022 and that it is not necessary to take all unhealthy and energy-sapping connections with us into 2022. The energy of the sign Cancer supports our intuition power and introspection of our emotions.

The moon is the reflection of our heart and our feelings. The moonlight reflects our unconscious and our love.

Free wild soul: On January 18 Uranus becomes direct in Taurus

On August 20, 2021, Uranus the planetary ruler of Aquarius went retrograde in the zodiac sign of Taurus for about 5 months. To understand this planetary energy, you can also look at the freedom-loving sign Aquarius, which the Sun moves into in January anyway. This is a future-oriented free spirit in motion and in constant change. Therefore, you may have felt an urgent need to free yourself from constricting situations in the past 4-5 months, however, caution was really also advised against hasty decisions and rebellious affectations.

Uranus is also known as an explosive renewer, which if you have not provided enough freedom in your life sometimes brings quite brutal changes in your life and turns everything upside down. All the more important it is to integrate the Uranus lesson into your own life and to ask yourself
Where is your own wild free soul?! 
When Uranus is direct, we open ourselves up to all kinds of change and transformation. This may mean separating from people and situations that no longer serve our highest good. When Uranaus goes direct, the Universe wants us to face what we recognized in the retrograde phase as important transformational issues in our lives. We may tackle major life changes and not shy away from upheavals.

Time for progress and originality: January 20 Aquarius seaon starts

Aquarians are incredibly humorous and a bit crazy somehow different, not for nothing during Aquarius time the carnival begins and represents quite well the Aquarian energy. Aquarians are kind free spirits, small and big rebels, yet great empaths and up for any adventure. 

A true Aquarius radiates freedom and is master of verbalizing his feelings intellectually and working creatively. Among them you can find some real visionaries and discoverers like the fashion designers: Christian Dior, Narciso Rodriguez or Patricia Field. Uranus the ruling planet of Aquarians, which is running direct again this month is a spiritual planet and brings to light true individualists in Aquarians. 
For the global community and networks, the sign Aquarius a stands and at the same time for an idea of a good society, in the ideal sense with liberal and progressive thinking.

This quality of time also brings to all other signs of the zodiac much more desire for freedom, visions of the future and the desire for individuality and intellectual contemplation.

Boss Vibes: Mars moves into Capricorn on January 24

This is a particularly good and auspicious to be able to focus especially on important ambitious goals. When the driving planet Mars and ruler of the sign Aries changes into Capricorn, our ambition can be very high. You may need to tackle something from the root in order to achieve the professional progress you desire. However, it may also be about taking more control in your own business and important crucial roles basically professionally!
The topic of inner security may be in focus as well and we need to ask ourselves how secure (or insecure) we experience our psychological interior. How vulnerable does our soul life appear to us? 

Love Comeback: On January 29, Venus in Capricorn goes direct again

Hopefully the hard (inner) work on the topics of love, values and finances is done for now and we can finally enjoy our positive transformations and reflections especially in our love life! Because on January 29 at the end of the month also Venus in the sign Capricorn becomes direct again. Now also connections that were lost in love can be reestablished.
With Venus in Capricorn, it's about more consistency and security in our relationships and working on the fine structures of love, relationship and money issues with confidence and trust. Perhaps we have been able to accomplish and structurally change some things here in the past month. And maybe there is more trust in relationships or even financial investments with which one can now plan for the long term.

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