Astrologer Tanja Brock on our new Aquarian Age and its future potential

The passionate astrologer Tanja Brock is now looking at the stars for L'Officiel Austria. We wanted to know what moves her to read destiny from the cosmos, retrogrades and planetary constellations.
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What fascinates you about astrology?

Tanja Brock: "First of all, in a nutshell: Astrology has become my own inner religion for some time now. It is science, psychology, and spirituality at the same time and a tool for personal development. It is science in the sense that it was taught at universities until the 18th century. It is even believed that early popes had their own consulting astrologers. The form of astrology in which I was trained is called psychological astrology. It includes individual archetypes of the twelve signs of the zodiac and psychological principles as used by C.G. Jung. For me, the spiritual factor results from the energy that I feel in the different signs during lunar events such as a full or a new moon. I also sometimes perceive the formative zodiac energy in people from meters away. I sometimes make it fun to actually do zodiac sign guessing. For an astrologer with a growing wealth of experience, the energy of a person can be perceived quickly and it is incredibly exciting to have one's own knowledge proven in encounters with people.

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And how did you get into astrology?

Tanja Brock: "When I think back, I can remember that as a curious and very inquisitive Gemini-girl I read my horoscope at an early age and had a great fascination for psychology anyway. But first, in my early 20s, I set up my own fashion shop in Munich together with my sister and studied art history at the same time. After that, I did some further training in psychology as well as various professions and then a few years ago I trained in astrological supervision. I think my whole life experience, also in dealing with people, such as in my own retail business, and even the history of art helps me in my consultations today because I was able to learn the art of interpretation very well during my studies. This is a tool that helps me every day in my horoscope consultations. A doctorate in philosophy, which is currently on pause, has also led me through old and most ancient texts about gods, myths, and spirituality to astrology, which I now really feel I have arrived at. Which feels wonderful for a Gemini like me who is always on the move and wants to learn new things. But that's also thanks to astrology, which as a science is so exciting and expansive.

The image of astrology has changed fundamentally in recent years. What is the "new" thing about it?

Tanja Brock: "Basically, astrology is the ancient teaching of the interrelationship between the heavenly bodies and life on earth! Not just been a mere trendy topic for some time now! Although I also find the pretty zodiac necklaces, shirts, and much more wonderful and stylish. Simply because everyone likes to identify with their zodiac sign, astrologically: the sun sign. Of course, what's new is that through social media in particular and the numerous Astro memes in general, the topic has become present again for many. What is probably also new is that an astrologer like me is a very modern, down-to-earth young woman with a great love for fashion and a beautiful lifestyle. I have also worked in quite "normal" jobs in the past years. I try to live a normal everyday life with my beloved dog: Anton, the dachshund. He grounds me a lot. Maybe this is the balance I need. I think it's nice that nowadays you can be a spiritual person and still live a normal life with everything that goes with it. I'm also not dogmatic and don't want to force anyone to convert to spirituality or astrology. In the meantime, there are also many new methods for personal self-exploration that are totally in line with the trend, such as Human Design. It's great that people are less afraid of self-exploration because some spiritual movements can be daunting or dusty. But for me, what I love about astrology is the long history it goes back to and that it has stood the test of time. Since I have also had shamanic training, I enjoy the feeling that with its help one also connects with a very old knowledge of our ancestors. In early Babylonia, probably one of the very first human sciences came into being with astronomy/astrology around 600 BC. That is roughly where Iraq is today. And at first, this Mesopotamian astrology was more like a kind of predictive art. It was used to observe unusual phenomena in the sky and to recognise certain cycles or omens. An omen is like a sign, also a message, which at that time was understood to mean that people were receiving messages from the gods. People planned wars, agriculture, wedding dates, and their daily lives according to these omens. Why shouldn't we do the same today?"

What can L'Officiel Austria readers look forward to from now on?

Tanja Brock: "Interesting articles on astrological topics such as zodiac signs, moon signs, moon phases, and monthly astrological outlooks. Astrology gives those who want to engage with it an expanded worldview and mindset. Through my work at L'Officiel, I am already delighted to be able to inspire many new people with this wonderful and rich subject: astrology. By looking up at the stars, you can easily gain a wider perspective and a new worldview. You no longer see yourself as a victim of certain circumstances, but learn to understand how to accept your own destiny and take it into your own hands! This is especially important and valuable in times of crisis, as we are unfortunately experiencing it at the moment. Because astrology can give new perspectives and support."

[In her first article, Tanja Brock deals with the current time energy and horoscope for August 2021 and also gives tips on the communication planet Mercury].

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We have just entered the Age of Aquarius. What does this mean for humanity?

Tanja Brock: "At the end of the tunnel of the dark crisis year 2020, a great light shone astrologically, this light is called the great conjunction, in which the two planetary heavyweights Jupiter and Saturn had met. An astrological mega event, just too epochal if many astronomers and astrologers are to be believed on this, as it rarely happens and forms a cosmic basis for our collective themes and life lessons. Planet Saturn represents the wisdom of structure, duty, values, boundaries, and traditions. Planet Jupiter, on the other hand, represents faith, philosophy, expansiveness, and breakthroughs. Both just met for the first time in 200 years last year in an air sign, Aquarius of all places! Previously, their connections took place mainly in earth signs, which in the past had oriented our society more towards material growth, consumption, and resources. With an air sign like Aquarius, it's much more about issues like spiritual freedom, networks, community, progress, thinking, and technology! Who knows, maybe advanced technology can still save us from a global super-gau and climate catastrophe. For many, but not all astrologers, this great conjunction signifies the true beginning of the so-called Aquarian Age. There is a great deal of disagreement among astrologers, New Age theorists, and spiritual people about the actual beginning of this age. Roughly speaking, however, we can say that we are moving from the energy of time that was shaped by the sign of Pisces for more than 2000 years into the energy of time shaped by the sign of Aquarius. Aquarius is considered a rebel and innovator in its archetype as a sign of the zodiac. The hippie movement in the late sixties was oriented towards this and a much-quoted example is the musical "Hair", which proclaims the age of Aquarius in all its colour and sound power."

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"Aquarius is considered a rebel and an innovator in its archetype as a sign of the zodiac. This was also the orientation of the hippie movement in the late 1960s."

What tendencies in astrology can you identify for 2021 and 2022?

Tanja Brock: "Every year has a ruler astrologically. And this planetary energy then, in principle, independently of many other transits and constellations, decisively determines the basic tenor of a year. In the previous question, I already mentioned the characteristics of the two planets Saturn and Jupiter. Knowing these also helps us to better understand the astrological tendencies for 2021 and 2022. This year in the year of Saturn 2021, society has been educated to more renunciation of personal renunciation and frugality mainly due to the consequences of the pandemic. But we have also been forced to question our own existence and lifestyle, especially with regard to sustainability and resources, including nature and the climate. Saturn is also much about structures, which may be political structures, but can also be private structures that we have looked at more strictly than usual. Because 2020 already had so much heaviness and now 2021 also brings little and only brief moments of relief, we are all naturally curious to see whether things will be better in 2022. And astrologically we can clearly say that a year of Jupiter can naturally become happier, not without reason Jupiter, the ruler of treasure is considered a lucky planet. Jupiter also symbolises expansiveness and finding meaning. The small problem with this is that it is also considered a fundamental booster and so it could be a difficult topic in 2022, for example, that there may now also be a renewed increase in refugee movements due to the flare-up of wars and climate catastrophes. It is also interesting that in 2022 two different currents can be seen through Jupiter. Jupiter moves through two zodiac signs in 2022. Technical innovations for environmental protection will now be better promoted by the state in order to avert the impending climate catastrophe after all. This will be encouraged, if we are lucky, by the energy of Jupiter in the sign of Aquarius. Jupiter in Pisces, which stands for spirituality and healing, favours a renewed upswing in alternative healing methods and the preoccupation with one's own psyche and spirituality. As I indicated earlier, society will want to turn more to a helping faith again, especially because of the global crisis.

And last but not least, of course, we have to ask: What is your star sign, moon sign, and ascendant?

Tanja Brock: "I am a triple air, i.e. marked by air signs: zodiac sign Gemini, moon sign Aquarius and ascendant Libra."

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Astrologer Tanja Brock with Anton, her dachshund
"With an air sign like Aquarius, it's much more about issues like mental freedom, networks, community, progress, thinking, and technology!"
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"An uninterpreted horoscope is like an unopened letter", Tanja Brock knows from the quote by C.G. Jung. Tanja Brock is therefore not only specialised in private consultations (more about this on her website, but has also published her first book on the power of the moon. In it, she points out the personal "tides" that accompany us through the phases of the moon and, with the interactive journal, also offers the possibility of setting one's own successes and goals with the moon. Tanja Brock is currently working on her first oracle card set, which is to be published soon.

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