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Karl Lagerfeld: 125 exclusive sketches are going to be auctioned

In association with Palm Beach Modern Auctions, the auction house Urban Culture Auctions will soon auction more than 100 sketches by Karl Lagerfeld.
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While Karl Lagerfeld was known to live in the present, the latter had the habit of throwing all his sketches once he no longer needed them. But good news, some of them have been preciously preserved.

On April 18, 2019, there are no less than 125 original sketches of the couturier who died on February 19 and has been carefully preserved since 1960 and will be auctioned in Florida. However, questioned in 2007 by the New Yorker , the designer explained to keep nothing: " The most important furniture of my house is the trash.I do not keep archives, no sketches, no photos, no clothes, nothing! "Drawn by the Kaiser while he was a fashion designer for the House of Tiziani in Rome at the beginning of his career, these sketches are of an ultimate rarity.

The most precious of them have been designed for Hollywood star Elizabeth Taylor . The amount of the sale of these is estimated between € 900 and € 2,700, while other sketches should reach € 1,800 and € 3,600. The cheapest sketches should still be between € 450 and € 1,400.

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The sketch of Elizabeth Taylor is estimated at € 2,000 © Urban Culture Auctions

" These sketches are the work of one of the most brilliant designers of the last fifty years, " said Rico Baca , co-owner of Urban Culture Auctions. " They are very rare and may not have survived if they had remained in the possession of Karl Lagerfeld . " What to afford a unique memory of genius.


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