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Fine Art Party

"Fine Art Party" is a new type of entertainment in Vienna city hosted in a freshly-opened fancy restaurant «Cavallo|Lounge&more»
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Photo: Diana Kopaihora

Art party aims to bring art out of the classrooms and galleries into the places where people meet on an a daily basis. Fine Art Party events are led by qualified and practicing artist Nargiza Kaip. It is perfect for friends and families. It is a great place to meet new people, generate great date ideas, or even for team building. Delightful drinks and delicious finger food will be a pleasant addition to the process.   Art party participation does not require any painting skills.

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Photo: Diana Kopaihora

Fine Art Party is not just an art class, but an entertainment experience, which gives people the opportunity to try something new and unleash their creative energy in a friendly environment with a glass of prosecco.
We use popular and iconic pieces of artwork as inspiration for our events and our artists provide step by step guidance for our guests.  At the end of the evening all the guests can take their completed canvasses home.

The founders of project Valeriya Aras and Nargiza Kaip are convinced : «Each of us can be an artist. We are welcoming you to rest your soul with wine and art.»
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Photo: Diana Kopaihora
Fine Art Party

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