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'The Sound of Us' to Receive 'Movie That Matters Award' at Cannes Film Festival

During this difficult, divided, and critical point in history, starting from COVID-19 Pandemic to civil unrest, crippling unemployment, and ending in countless personal hardships, ‘The Sound of Us’ illustrates how music remains one of humanity's final unifying forces, giving voice for hope and courage, allowing the greatest avenue for grief and honesty, and providing a universal language for the most difficult conversations.
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Shot over the time period of two months, across five countries during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, ‘The Sound of Us’ film unfolds as a series of breathtaking vignettes, spellbinding performances, and revelatory interviews that demonstrate music's power not only to heal the painful moments of the present but to preserve history, as well as inspire the future. 

This film, being awarded the 'Movie That Matters Award', is guided by a seemingly impossible question - "What is music, what is music to you?". Every person, song, and scene of the film helps to prove a profound truth: through music, we are never alone. Music defines the inexplicable, it gives us life, and, most importantly, it gives us each other. 

"Music ultimately shows us we are human – empathetic, genuinely kind, and together." - Director Chris Gero 

"The Sound of Us" features original compositions by Chris Gero, a 12-time Emmy Award winner and Grammy Award-nominated record producer, as well as an accomplished composer and director. Additionally, new renditions of songs by many artists are presented, together with stunning reinterpretations of Billie Holiday's "Strange Fruit" from Avery*Sunshine, Charlie Chaplin's "Smile" from Sarah McLachlan, and a spoken-word performance from trailblazing National Poetry Slam champion Sekou Andrews.

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