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Living like 'La Katz' designer Laura Sänger

Fashion designer Laura Sänger not only showcases her light-filled penthouse apartment, but also her label La Katz, which she founded during the pandemic. With it, she has invited color not only into her walk-in wardrobe, but also into the entire living space.
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"My life's dream is a house on Lake Como where I can water ski to get rolls in the morning!" - Laura Sänger builds her world the way she likes it. That's why the smart German ventured into the fashion circus with her label La Katz, breaking free from a co-op career. "I wanted to create clothes that redefine luxury," Laura describes her collection. The original thought was to start the brand with a friend in Berlin when they were both still employed in agencies. However, not everyone is ready for most of the challenges that one encounters on the arduous path of self-employment. The 30-year-old is also aware of the competition from global players in the luxury segment: "I want to be accessible. There are 6 meters of the highest-quality silk in a La Katz coat, as it is sewn on both sides. Handmade in Germany. For the retail price of 740€ you will not find another silk coat in this style. I can also only make this possible because at the beginning I only sell through my online store and not in the classic retail." 

Courage for colour and sustainability is what you see not only in Laura's closet but also in the dressing room. The yellow wall, which stands as a contrast to the gray built-in wardrobe, was not an easy concept for the first time, which her fiancé, fintech entrepreneur Eric Demuth approached rather with skepticism. But the end result was convincing. "I don't want to live in an unimaginative Instagram apartment. I love colour because there's just something so vibrant about it," says the designer, explaining her interior style, which spans three floors and is ultimately enriched with lots of contemporary art. Laura sources these mainly through her friend and gallery owner Jonathan Seiffert. At the entrance hangs a baseball cap from the Beverly Hills Hotel, which unfortunately cannot be reordered, the towels in the guest toilets are from Soho House Berlin, the soap dispensers from AESOP. Memories she has collected from all over the world.

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Sitting across from an investor in a meeting in London, the German-born designer suddenly encountered the prototype of her client: "She was wearing a casual silk suit, a vintage Celiné bag, and her perfect black hair was tied tightly back. A strong, successful personality."

That's exactly how Laura imagines women might wear her silk coats. "At the end of the day, I would love to give the customer the self-image that when they think of silk, they should think of La Katz." Not only does it look beautiful, but, Laura clarifies, the healthiest and best, toxin-free silk is processed with extra care. After all, what's not widely known is that a silk blouse is also enriched with toxins by many luxury brands, which you then wear on bare skin. "I wanted to rethink the whole product and create clothes that are healthy and love your skin, which also took a while," explains the Viennese-by-choice. Traditional companies like Pucci and Missoni are what inspire her. "The employees at the Pucci store in Florence stand behind the brand with so much pride, it's impressive." What bothers the attractive German is that fashion is always designed for only one body, the androgynous model measure.

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Stylish: Sänger appreciates the special and attaches great importance to details. The Jonathan Adler bowl, for example, holds a pair of sunglasses from Celiné, a pen from Montblanc and the silk scrunchi is, of course, from La Katz.

She had the thought-provoking impulse during her yoga classes, where out of 30 women, no two bodies are alike, but all are beautiful in their own way. "I want to celebrate these bodies - and in silk". For Laura, the fact that her friend is getting married in a La Katz silk blazer for the civil ceremony and a white silk coat dress of hers for the church is wonderful proof that her clothes can be used in any situation in life. The Cartier ring on Laura's finger, which Eric chose with much devotion, also reminds her of her own wedding plans. Because the Viennese triplex that the two of them live in will soon be enriched by a new family member. The dog bed is already next to the marriage bed, waiting for the arrival of a multipoo.

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Designer Laura Sänger loves it colourful - that goes for her fashion and equally for the interior of her Triplex in Vienna.

Photos: Luise Reichert



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